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Apr 29, 2009 04:12 PM

Tre Amici [Dallas]

I'm just curious if anybody has gone and what they think. How's the NY strip? Is the restaurant worthy of being in the company of Dallas' many other steakhouses?

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  1. They say their steaks are the highest grade of Prime. The ribeye is great. I think they dip the steaks in butter. They are very rich. Not really a bad thing though.

    1. I've only been in for drinks and appetizers and I probably won't go back for dinner. They had a great happy hour feature (half priced appetizers and glasses of wine) but the food was just ok. The ahi tuna tower was built on top of diced olives and avocados, which I found to be a strange mix. The tuna was fresh, but no seasoned, and the other stuff on the tower didn't mix well with it. The crab cakes were really crabby, lots of shredded crab, but the sauce had chunks of garlic that overpowered the cake when you got a piece of it.

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        Most chefs will use butter on their steaks. Some will even coat a steak in a Crisco type solution for better grill marks.