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Apr 29, 2009 03:39 PM

Is Sebo still up to par?

I'm having sushi on Saturday night (not interested in the cooked stuff at all) and have waited long enough now. My bf is agitating for Ino, which is fine, but the last few times we were there, we didn't get much of anything too interesting. Quality was still great, but specials shipped in, unusual items were definitely not there.

I'm worried quality at sebo has fallen due to exposure... any recent reports at the sushi bar?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. It was still good last time I went, but the wait for the omakase counter are getting longer.

    If I were you, I'd go soon. If it ends up on Anthony Bourdain's show (he was there last month), the "exposure factor" will go through the roof.

    1. It's been great the last few times I've gone. Definitely still up to par.

      1. I was there last week and it was great as ever. There are only ~6 seats at the omakase counter, so go early. there was a wait when i went, but they took my cell phone number and called me when my seat was ready. there is a bar, place pigalle, across the street that is easy to wait in.

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        1. Sebo is still good. They don't answer their phone, so don't bother unless you need the address. If Place Pigalle isn't your speed (it certainly isn't mine), try Suppenkuche to the west on Hayes street for a great selection of German beer, or Absinthe to the east on Hayes for a wide-ranging selection of excellent cocktails or wine. Absinthe also has delicious fried spiced chickpeas that make a nice snack to go with drinks.