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Apr 29, 2009 03:33 PM

Anyone been to Church And State?

Im about to head over there tonight. I know i really really want to try the bone marrow after that, it all sounds good! I really cant afford too much, im hoping to spend around 30 bucks. So what would you guys recommend after that? Mussles? Con fit? steak tartar? whaddaya think? thanks dudes!


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    1. The charcuterie app is great. Everything done in house. We had the French Onion Soup last week, large portion, very tasty. The confit is really good.

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        thank you so much! i was actually really curious about that. a friend of mine actually worked there under the old chef and was saying they do a fantastic cheese and charcuterie plate. would you go for 3 or 5 cheeses?

        also,how is the portion size on the confit?

        sorry bout all the questions, just getting stoked and hungry to eat tonight!


        1. re: GrillEmAll

          You mean the duck confit? All portions are decent sized. Ooops, you're probably eating there right now and not stuck in front of your PC like us!!

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            Went last night and I can honestly say I have never been as impressed with French Bistro food in LA (or anywhere) as this place. It all works, from the ambiance, to the great, authentic winelist, to the sublime food. Standouts: salmon tart, escargot, charcuterie, cheeses, bouillabase (best I've ever had), herring, confit and cocktails.

        2. I had the confit and it was excellent. Also the eggplant Tartine.

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          1. Finally got out to Church and State yesterday. It might be my favorite of all the new French brasseries/bistros. We had a plate of pates, the rilettes, a plate of the best aspargus I've ever had in my life (with morels, red wine sauce), fried pig's ears with a bearnaise sauce, shrimp in a cucumber/pepper salsa (not sure what it was, but it was very good - I can't find it on the online menu) and olive oil, steak tartar, and...I can't remember. Roast chicken (with an appropriately crispy skin) with mushrooms and bacon. Great french fries too. We went in for a quick lunch and ended up staying for hours.

            Looking forward to going back.