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Apr 29, 2009 03:27 PM

sides needed for two entrees

can i get suggestion for recipes of side dishes for these two recipes:

1) black bean cakes w/avocado crema and no egg
2) hawaiian chicken (chicken in a soy glaze w/pineapple


for #1 i'd like to have a salad and maybe roasted corn something?
for #2 i was thinking rice. a green veg suggestion would be great. bok choy perhaps? sugar snap peas?

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  1. #1--Roasted corn would be fine, and if you've got nice tomatoes you might make a quick salad with diced tomatoes, sea salt, a little olive oil, chopped garlic and sherry vinegar and maybe some chopped flat parsley.

    #2--Either of those would be good, but asparagus is particularly nice right now. If the "midtown" in your handle is Manhattan, get down to the Union Square Greenmarket for the outstanding local asparagus that started showing up this week, or if not, there's good asparagus coming in everywhere from California.

    1. I also like the roasted corn idea for #1, other than that, I've got nothin'.

      For #2, an easy rice pilaf is nice and EZ. For a green veg, something simple and acidic to cut the sweetness of the chicken would be in order. Sauteed bok choy with a splash of ponzu (maybe not!) or lemon juice or rice vinegar? Or can do the same with the sugar snap peas.

      Another thing I do often, and just go with me here for a second, is serve my main, if it's like a roasted hen, fish, something substantial enough, is to serve the main on top of a bed of lightly dressed, as in touch of oil & lemon juice or your fave acid, mache or arugula salad. That way you get a bite of the hawaiian chicken and dressed salad in one, which wilts from the heat of the chicken. It might just fill the bill here!

      1. Hawaiian Chicken goes great with the 'traditional' island sides - white rice and macaroni salad. You can kick either or both of them up any way you'd like.

        1. My thoughts;
          What about a roasted corn salad with the first one? My mom had made one that was really good.
          For the second, asparagus tossed in toasted sesame vinegrette and basmati rice.

          1. You could do roasted corn and tomatillos with some red onion and crumbled cheese. Some spicy baby greens for the salad - we are getting baby mustard greens right now that would be perfect with a citrus vinegarette.

            I like the Bok choy idea or i would go with snow peas over sugar snap, but thats a personal preference. How about adding some chopped macadamia nuts to your rice for a kind of pilaf?

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              thanks everyone!

              i really like the pilaf idea for #2... or maybe a coconut rice? seasame oil would be a great compliment with the snow peas.