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Apr 29, 2009 03:17 PM

Pal's Takeaway [San Francisco]

My previous post on Pal's got deleted by the CH censors. I guess they didn't like that I humoursly (IMHO) joked that I "knew" one of the owners from going to Andante at FP market. Let me clarify. I don't "know" him, don't even know his name, nor he me. I just know that he works for Soyoung and that he has this sandwich take-away place. I'm no Insider anywhere, except for maybe the Phone Booth ("Dave, you're cut off! Go home to your kids you lush!").

Anyway, I liked the two sandwiches I got there today. Roast beef with homemade horseradish, and a vietnamese chicken sandwich. The later was especially good, and I consider myself a bit of a Banh Mi fan. The menu is local, seasonal, organic style, in the 7-8 buck range per sannie. Really tasty, and welcome addition to the neighborhood.

It's across from Dynamo on 24th street.

... dave

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  1. NOTE: Its inside Tony's Market.

    I got notice of their opening last week and forwarded it to a friend that works nearby. She's been once and said she enjoyed it but did not give me specifics. Alas, its too far from my office for me to make it over there so I'm unlikely to check it out anytime soon.
    Pal's Takeaway
    Inside Tony's Market; 2751 24th St, at Hampshire; The Mission; 415.203.4911
    A couple of caterers/restaurateurs have co-opted the deli inside Tony's Market to sling ultra-fresh, constantly changing gourmet sandos and cheap salads. Today's goodness includes slow-roasted Becker Lane pork shoulder w/ arugula on a Kaiser roll, and grilled/marinated beef on an Acme roll w/ pickled carrot, daikon, & herbed canola mayo -- a spread that can turn an ordinary Viet-style sando into a bonafide Goombahn Mi.

    1. link

      Tony's Market & Liquor
      2751 24th St, San Francisco, CA

      1. I think that the guy's name is Dave, really.

        1. Here's the link again for Pal's Take Away.

          Pal's Take Away
          2751 24th Street, San Francisco, CA

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            We got a roasted pork sandwich and a chicken bahn mi the other day. While we were there, two other folks (not together) came in and ordered the almond butter w/ strawberry jam and were raving about how delicious it is. Must get it next time (they offer it with or without fresh mango.)

            I like the pork (although a bit fatty, I'm not complaining) but the bahn mi wasn't to my liking. Good flavors, but this interpretation missed out in the crunchy texture and heat department. Only two tiny slices of jalapeno and no daikon? Don't think I can go here to satisfy THAT particular craving.

            But the sandwiches are crafted with care and the folks couldn't be nicer. I'll be back, ready to explore the rest of the menu.

          2. Another example of why I am so grateful for Chowhound.

            I would have never known this place is here even if I walked right by it!

            Finally got to try this yesterday and had:
            Oregon bay shrimp roll on torpedo w/butter,celery seed, shredded romaine, herby mayo

            Veg on wheat w/ roasted Full Belly delicata squash, cucumber, hard-cooked egg, tomato, greens

            Both were good but my husband and I thought the vegetarian sandwich was excellent. I wish I looked closer but I thought there were chantarelle mushrooms in there. Fresh, and interesting. I've never had anything quite like it.

            We went at 11am yesterday--- no line. Actually, we were there earlier and "had" to kill some time at Dynamo until they were ready. (Liked the saffron chocolate donut)

            I hope the place makes it ok. People working there mentioned they wish they were busier. Great place/ quality. If it were closer to where I lived, I'd frequent it more often.

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            1. re: rln

              I love their sandwiches, but am surprised they aren't busy enough. 2 of 4 times I went they were sold out. Around 1pm...