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Apr 29, 2009 03:10 PM

Great dinner in Palm Springs

We are looking for a great dinner in Palm Springs - some of the options we have looked at include Circa 59, Citron, & Grove Artisan Kitchen. Which of these are best, and if there are others that are better, do tell!

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  1. Great in Palm Springs you will not find. There are some good - very good restaurants, but I can't think of anything in the desert that would qualify as great. Circa 59 is definitely not great...just ok. Although the hotel is quite attractive, and the decor in the restaurant interesting, the food and service at Circa 59 the evening we were there was mediocre at best. We would not likely return.

    Among the better choices in the desert in my opinion are Cuistot & Jillian's in Palm Desert, Le Vallauris, Copley's & Johanne's in Palm Springs, and Wally's Desert Turtle & Shame on the Moon in Rancho Mirage. All of these (aside from Copley's) have been around for a while, and all are consistently good to very good.

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      I wish everyone with questions about Palm Springs restaurants were required to read the above before posting. We'd save a lot of digital trees. josephnl nails it, both on the characterization of high-end places and on the specific good-but-not-great recommendations.

      If you find yourself in the market for a lower-end restaurant in PS, Cowboy Way BBQ on Indian Canyon is a relatively new one that has unexpectedly good Q -- much better than the average available in the BBQ-poor town of Los Angalus, for example (but still some distance down from new LA star Big Mista'.)

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        Another good choice for casual, but really good is the Oasis Buffet at the Spa Hotel and Casino in Palm Springs.

        This is definintely not a stagnant buffet. Service is very good even though it's serve yourself dishes. The food is quite fresh and tasty, a variety of cuisines, made on the spot fajitas and omelettes and carving of tri-tip. BBQ ribs. Asian offerings. The dessert bar is astonishing. I haven't been the for breakfast, just luncc, but I can believe they would keep the same quality. Prices are kinda low, too.

        One of the servers stopped by our table, though not his assignment. My friend was wearing his WWII hat and the server said, "Thank you! Sir, for all you've done for us. I'm honored to meet you." Then reached and offered to shake hands.

    2. Vicky's of Scottsdale is good. They serve steak. They have a great big grand piano in their bar that you can relax in. My wife and I had a few drinks and melted into the couches and listened to the music. We did walk back to our hotel afterward.

      Roys in Rancho Mirage is very good as well.

      1. Kiyosaku has excellent sushi and creative flair. But you do pay for it.

        1555 S Palm Canyon Dr
        Palm Springs, CA 92264
        (760) 327-6601‎