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Apr 29, 2009 03:03 PM

MSP: L'Ecosse

We went to try L'Ecosse the other day. This new place is located at 4810 Chicago Avenue, in between Pepitos and Adrians. The space had previously been a rather uninspiring brakfast/lunch cafe. L'Ecosse is in a "soft opening" mode right now.

CNN did a piece on the chef, David MacFarlane;

David was born in Scotland (thus the "L'Ecosse" name) and moved to the US as a kid (no Scottish accent, alas!). He was a White House chef in the Clinton era.

The space looks much nicer than in its previous incarnations but they have not yet replaced the old signs above the awning. Behind the bar there are some bits of memorabilia from David's stint at the White House.

The menu is inexpensive (I think all under $10) breakfast and sandwich type fare. Talking to the Chef and his wife/co-owner Christine, they said that despite David's inlcination to start with dinner and later expand to other meals, when they asked around the neighborhood most people expressed a desire for a breakfast place, so that is what they are doing first. They say the beer and wine licence will be coming in June.

Being a Brit-o-phile, I was eager to try the fish and chips and meat pies on offer. The Countess tried the meat pie and my tiny sample tasted like "more." i will be trying that next time! I had the fish and chips. Only $8, and seemed like good quality fish, but the batter seemed not as greasy as I would like. For some, that may be a plus. The fries were very obviously cut and made fresh there and were delicious. They were American size fries rather than thicker British "chips."

Service by young waiter was, friendly bur unpolished. I was rather charmed by what seems to be a family effort and hope they do well. We look forward to trying breakfast there.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'd read about this place somewhere else, but when I went back to find more info, I'd forgotten the name of the place. I'll create a places link for it.

    4810 Chicago Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

    1. thanks so much, I pass this place every morning dropping Lil' Pud'n off at daycare and I've been wondering about it. I do love fish and chips, we'll have to give it a try!

      1. Thanks for creating the place link, Bob. i was in too much of a hurry. Tha'ts my excuse for all the typos, too.

        One touch that I loved with the fish and chips was that it was served with a garnish of arugula leaves, which I love, and which tasted very good in combo with the f&c. I was never much for chomping on parsley garnishes.

        1. Wow-- I live two blocks away and had no idea that there was a new restaurant planned! I don't like Pepito's or Adrian's, and after I tried the "uninspiring" place that was there before, I never even went south of 48th! Not when there's Cafe Levain, Turtle Bread, Pizza Biga, Ba-Gu sushi, and Pumphouse Creamery on the north side. I will definitely be trying it. Soon.

          1. I just got home from having dinner there with my wife. I enjoyed the fish and chips, and she had the meat pie. The quick and dirty review is inexpensive and delicious. I am looking forward to seeing the dinner menu.