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Apr 29, 2009 02:49 PM

all smoked up (beekman) - no more roadside.

they're still doing catering (and some food will be available elsewhere; see below), but no more roadside in beekman.

from their website:
"all smoked up roadside bbq will no longer be serving food on rte 55 in beekman...

the good news is our pulled pork sandwiches and baby back ribs will be available at the soon to be open checkered dog food stand at the overlook golf center, 39 degarmo rd, poughkeepsie, ny.

the checkered dog is anticipating a grand opening later in may. stop by for a great hot dog, a 1/2 lb burger, or a pulled pork sandwich, visit my cousin darlene and tell her i sent you!"

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  1. that's too bad. the steak sandwiches and the mac 'n' cheese were awesome. at least i know where i can get a pulled pork sandwich...thanks for the info!

    1. Nooooooo!!!! Well, as long as The Checkered Dog is's a bit closer to me. I will miss the mac and cheese.