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Apr 29, 2009 02:07 PM

Intimate bday dinner for fiance

Any suggestions? Want to keep it to under $100 per person if possible. Anywhere in Manhattan. Thanks!

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  1. Let's see if we can narrow things down a bit. What are your, or more importantly, your fiance's cuisine preferences? What day of the week will this be? Is that <$100pp budget supposed to be the out-the door cost, i.e., food, alcoholic beverages, tax, and tip?

    1. Triomphe, Bouley, Chanterelle, Accapella, Kittichai, Greenwich Grill ,,, One if by Land was intimate , food was OK not sure if they are still in business but definitely romantic

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        I like a number of these places, but was particularly pleased to see Kittichai on the list--I feel like it's fallen a bit by the way-side, perhaps because it's too high end to qualify as a comfortable stand-by for people to recommend for a casual dinner, but (in my opinion), doesn't aim for so spectacular that it leaps to mind when one thinks of places for special occasions, etc. and has aged out of the "bright shiny new thing" publicity phase.

        That said, I think it's lovely and romantic, the perfect place for an intimate birthday dinner. To begin with, while the room is mid-size, the whole place feels intimate to me. The lights are low with pockets of mellow illumination for specific tables, there's a little pond with floating flowers in the middle of the room, the tables are generously sized and you're not crammed in, so there's a better sense of privacy than at many smaller places, the service is polished but not formal...I could go on, but then there's the food. It's not four star dining, but I think it's good to very good, and presents several interesting twists and reimaginings of Thai food. The appetizers in particular are perfect for sharing--on my last trip, we particularly enjoyed the chocolate ribs and the banana blossom and artichoke salad. Various people also gave good marks to the hanger steak, the bouillabaise and the short ribs.