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Apr 29, 2009 02:00 PM

Mystic, Ct- Sea Swirl & The Seahorse

We got out to the beach last weekend. We had been looking forward to going to Abbott's Lobster but it is not open until this weekend. We had two terrific experiences at the Sea Swirl. Delicious fries and great fried clams. Here is the kicker-- the fried scallops are amazing, better and more interesting than the clams. Fish sandwich is exactly as you'd want it. In the evening we went to the Seahorse, behind the marina in Noank and had clear chowder which was a revelation. This was a good honest meal, no chichi bull, for a reasonable price. The crowd was a good mixture of loafer wearing Poindexters and Regular Joe's, which, in my experience, is usually a good sign.

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  1. Jim, you're outing my secret! (Oh wait, that's another post on the Not About Food board...) We LOVE the Sea Swirl, but try to hit it at off-times unless it's the beginning or end of the season. Scallops are my favorite!

    I do have a SS confession to make - last time we were there (a nice weekend a few weeks ago), we watched a woman buy soup from a nearby place and sit down on a SS picnic table near us. There was, as always, a fat seagull nearby. So, when she got up to throw something away and WALKED AWAY FROM HER SOUP, Mr. Seagull saw the perfect opportunity. We were already in the car finishing our ice cream...I suppose we might have gotten out to scare him away, but isn't the law of nature survival of the fittest?
    PS - Mr. Seagull didn't like the soup either - I'm sure he's used to the yummy seafood!

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      Nobody, man or beast, seemed to be interested in the soup place either. Too bad...