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Apr 29, 2009 01:51 PM

Romantic Montreal Weekend 7/24-7/26

Hi there!

This is my first time using Chowhound. I am taking my boyfriend to Montreal as a surprise for his 40th birthday July 24th-July 26th. I am looking for great restaurant recommendations. We live in Chicago and love to go out to eat so I am looking for some really cool places. One night I would like to go to a great bistro--authentic and comfortable. Another night I would like something different from that--and am looking for recommendations--a place with awesome food and a stellar beer list would be fantastic. Or, somewhere that is known for it's seafood. lastly, I would like some recommendations for some good bars in Montreal--he is a beer lover so a place with a large, diverse and cool beer menu would be great. Outdoor seating would be a plus (for bars and restaurants). Anyway, thanks in advance to anyone who responds--I want to make it a great weekend. Thanks!

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  1. For something authentic and comfortable I suggest Au Pied de Cochon, but only if you are a carnivore (duck, pork, etc). Also, they specialize in foie gras, which you can no longer get in Chicago, thanks to Charlie Trotter. Don't miss the cromesqui appetizer (order more than one each!).

    For seafood, I suggest Ferreira Cafe. Don't miss the truffled potatoes.

    For awesome food (but I have no idea about the beer list) I suggest Europea. Go for the table d'hote or the 9-course tasting menu. Really excellent value for the money too.

    There are lots of threads on the subject; do a search.

    Report back on your experience.

    p.s. no outdoor seating at any of these places. Europea used to have a small outdoor area, but I have no idea if they staill have it since they remodelled.

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      Lemeac has a nice outdoor deck, so if the weather's good, that would be my pick for bistro dining. Reservations (especially if you want to eat outside) are essential).

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        (ot) Foie gras has been unbanned in Chicago for a year now. (

      2. There are several well-known microbrasseries(microbreweries in french) in Montreal. Depending on where you are staying, you could try out: Cheval Blanc on Ontario East, or Le Diable on Fairmont near St-Laurent, or the Reservoir on Duluth near St-Laurent. All have their own brews and are worth it if you like beer. A good summer place to drink in a garden/pub/club is also le St-Sulpice on St-Denis, between Ontario and St-Catherine's. Really nice big garden terasse in the back. Very romantic and cool at the same time. Have fun. Too bad you are missing the Jazz Fest!

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          you will have a ball that weekend if you take in just for laughs festival-english version, suggest you book now look at galas, club sites change menu at top to see whole list, whoppi goldberg has two galas friday and others are also great, they also have hotel packages but i havent looked at that as i live in Montreal. If you go to some of places on st denis to have a drink or snack you will be in the heart of the festivities--not to be missed! The whole street is so animated that you will be astounded and then you could go to find one of the quieter restaurants already suggested to enjoy being away from the craziness. There is also a microbrewerie in that area as well as the St-suplice place but there will be so many people then it might be better to explore offsite places for eating and drinking

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            Thank you so much everyone for the suggestions! I will report back!

        2. For the best beers in town, head to le Dieu du Ciel on Laurier, L'Amère à boire on St-Denis or Le Brouhaha on De Lorimier.