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Apr 29, 2009 01:29 PM

My oven is broken-- what can I "bake" for a work luncheon?

Hi everyone!
My oven is not working (hopefully will be fixed soon, but not before the party!) and I'm looking to take on the challenge of making dessert without it. What treat can I make without the use of an oven for a work party honoring someone special? No Jello or anything like that.
Any ideas would be much appreciated. :) If I can't figure it out, I'll buy something, but I thought I'd see if anyone had any ideas!

ETA: Stovetop is working.

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  1. Plum Duff with Rum Sauce
    Any variety of steamed puddings:,1-0...

    1. Mousse
      Chocolate dipped strawberries
      A creme pie with a ready-made graham crust

      1. Pudding from scratch
        Homemade ice cream if you have an ice cream maker
        A trifle (made with a purchased angel food or pound cake)

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        1. A sweet crepe torte? Layered crepes with fillings ranging from Nutella to apricot jam to seedless raspberry jam to dulce de leche to lemon curd to...

          Really tall ones are impressive, but I'd make several of shorter stacks, each with a different filling, so slicing isn't so intimidating. Powdered sugar on top, fresh berries around, maybe a fruit sauce on the side in a boat with a ladle. Lemon curd and blueberry sauce = perfect match.

          1. Fudge
            any type of candy (if your stove top still works)
            I like the idea of chocolate dipped strawberries, you could even dip them and then add nuts or candies on top of them, make them a little more decadent
            You could make a fruit or dessert trifle