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Apr 29, 2009 01:03 PM

Unaju in London

Having recently returned from Japan I have a hankering for Unaju (grilled Eel over rice).
Can anyone recommend a place in London.

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  1. I would try one of the better izakayas, places like Kikuchi, Tomoe, Soho Japan, Akari, Asakusa. It probably features on some of the lunchtime fixed price menus, I think I've seen it on Tomoe's.

    I've also seen it on the menu at Dinings as a special, there going under the name hitsumabushi which is the Nagoya version of unaju.

    Out of interest when you were in Japan, did you eat it in an izakaya or a speciality eel shop?

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      Asakusa's is great, I'm a big fan.

      If worse comes to worse, the Hare and Tortoise chain does quite a good version.

      1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

        I got the idiom wrong. Worst comes to worst**

      2. re: oonth

        I had the eel in an Iisakaya in Takayama and a restaurant in Tokyo.
        Thanks for the recs and to the other posters.
        Will def try Asakusa as I had already heard good things & it is near where my girlfriend works.

      3. first place i ever had this was at sushi yoshino on piccadilly place, a few years ago while still a wide eyed teen. It blew my mind. Have had it other places since (I'm a big fan of Kikuchi and always go there for sushi fixes now) but the grilled eel over rice at yoshino has endured in my heart. Good hunting, and do report back.

        1. Agree that Asakusa's is lovely. Don Zoko's is pretty good and v central