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Apr 29, 2009 12:55 PM

Baklava in Calgary

Can anyone tell me where I can get good home-style dripping with syrup Baklava? I would like the big slabs like you get in greek restaurants, not the little morsels that are available in most grocery store deli's. Ideally, I would like to get a whole pan-full, as I am feeding about 10 people for a greek feast.

One idea I had is to ask around at the Greek Festival that is held every year in Shaganappi - but any other suggestions would be welcome!

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  1. Jimmy's A & A on 20th ave NW has them but never tried to buy a whole pan.

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    1. Tried the baklava from The Pita Basket Cafe (#140, 3221 Sunridge Way NE or 503-6th Street SW) and it was very, very good (I was at the Sunridge location). I think they would sell you a whole pan if you called in advance.

      Taza in Bridgeland also has very good baklava.

      1. I was just at Kalamata Grocery, and they have large and small pans from Byblos bakery. Large was on sale for 25$

        1. I would try European Bakery, that is just east of 4 St SW on 17 Av. I was in today and saw the biggest pieces of baklava in a pan and they seemed to be made on site. All of their food is delicious. It is on the south side of the street in that little gated parking spot beneath a high rise.

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          1. re: sarah galvin

            "east of 4 St SW on 17 Av"
            I think you mean west of 4 St - between 4th and 5th St.
            European Bakery and Deli
            160-515 17 Avenue SW
            Calgary, AB
            T2S 0A9
            (403) 806-3768

          2. Byblos Bakery at 2479 - 23rd Street NE. Byblos make I would estimate 90% of the Baklava that is sold in our city. They have a shop at the bakery & you can order it in any size. They also make pita breads and wraps.