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Apr 29, 2009 12:53 PM

Eating Fraiche in Culver City

I love Los Angeles, and even more than that I love eating in Los Angeles. A couple months ago I happened upon this wonderful restaurant Fraiche in Culver city, and was wowed by not only the food but the quality of service. Then just today I found this amazing review and it just reminded me about my tantalizing excursion in Culver City, and as one food lover to another - I wanted to share. I encourage you to try it, and recommend the Mushroom salad and the Ravioli.

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  1. Most of us have already discovered it and either been back several times, or moved on to their second restaurant Riva, in Santa Monica.

    But thanks for the new review. It is a decent place, as long as you score a reservation and don't piss off the hostess!!