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Apr 29, 2009 12:53 PM

Downtown Wheelchair Accessible Restaurant

Party of 5 adults,one in a wheelchair.

Celebrating a 50th birthday.
Contacted The Corner House but it is 3 steps up,then another 5 steps to get in.
No main floor washroom either.

Happening this Saturday evening.Any thoughts?

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  1. The Corner House is particularly tough -- it's basically in a house with narrow corridors and lots of stairs. Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner is great -- elevator goes right up and I think it's nice and spacious. If it's open the restaurant at the AGO is where I used to go with my grandfather who was in a wheelchair (not the redesign though). What about Canoe or Note Bene? I think they should be relatively wheelchair accessible and would have the washrooms on the same floor....(at least I know Canoe does). There might a step there though.

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    1. re: Arcadiaseeker

      Thanks for the informative reply,Arcadiaseeker.
      I simply couldn't wait any longer and booked C-5 at the ROM,which is all access for a wheelchair.
      Front desk assured a pleasant experience and I am looking forward to the celebration!
      After,I'll try check back on this thread and post the opinions.

      1. re: ultrablue

        I was going to suggest that one too but I have tried to navigate the ROM recently with my son in his stroller and there are many stair zones I was unable to get around -- but I am pleased the restaurant is accessible -- good to hear!!

    2. If you serach this board using "wheelchair accessible" you'll find many threads. It was that very search that made me a Hound I was so very impressed with the help and the people found here.

      NOW has the best free-to-the-public search engine for this purpose. They even include two layers of accessibility, those being barrier-free and free except washrooms.

      I would suggest using NOW as a starting point and then come back here for more specific advice.

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      1. re: Googs

        Thanks for the reply.I found that the wheelchair accessible suggestions on this board were getting dated and Arcadiaseeker had a fresh eye.
        The NOW search engine gives accessibility but not a good restaurant review.
        I am pleased to report that the C5 restaurant inside the ROM on the West side of Michael Lee Chin Crystal off Bloor St. is fully open to wheelchairs.

        Also at this time I would like to recommend for prebooked wheelchair service.
        The extended Chevrolet van had a ramp and space for the wheelchair passenger to be secured inside without transferring from the wheelchair.
        Room for four additional passengers,we had a comfortable and convenient ride to and from the restaurant.
        Only had to call a half hour before departure on a Saturday to pre-book pickup.
        Great service.

        1. re: ultrablue

          Even if NOW had reviews for the accessible restos, they wouldn't be worth much. This is why I suggest picking a handful from your search and coming to the Hounds to guide you. Glad you found a nice place.

      2. I'm glad you found a good spot for this Saturday. For future reference, this website provides a listing of accessible restaurants (and other facilities) in Toronto. (You can actually search all of Canada.)
        Have a great dinner!