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Apr 29, 2009 12:51 PM

Lobster Shacks mid coast Maine

Going to be in Maine mid May.
What is better? Este's, Red's Eats, Cooks, .........Waterman's Beach and Five Islands are closed until June. Any other great restaurants on water mid coast Maine?
Which one......MC or Barnacle Billy's @ Perkins cove? Thanks!

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  1. on the water, Rockland to Lincolnville...the true midcoast.
    Amalfi on the water on Rockland Harbor-open year round
    The Boathouse- on the water in Rockland very near Amalfi more casual than Amalfi
    The Waterfront in Camden on Camden Harbor. Awesome spot in May if it is nice out and the deck is open
    Marriners in Camden- best breakfast in the mid coast. The best deck in Camden over the waterfall with a view of the harbor that is second to none. The owner is a great older gentleman with an attitude toward service that is hard to come by in this day and age, especially for the price.
    The Edge in Lincolnville- opening first week of May. Great chef and incredible spot, very secluded and in May if it is nice you could have the large patio to yourself and feel like you are sitting at your own summer home enjoying the view of the bay.
    Chez Michelle, Lincolnville Beach- a great old school French style place run by a true chef with high standards for quality ingredients.

    That should give you something to choose from in May on the water. Happy dining.

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      These are all good rec's indeed... though none of them are lobster shacks.

      With Dip Net closed (for now), OP might consider heading to the Cod End in Tenant's Harbor- it's a great little spot, and the best runner-up to the Dip Net going.

    2. MC and Barnicle Billy's are entirely different.. Billys is a lobster place where you order at the counter and pick up when your number is called- limited menu-lobster, lobster and crab rolls, chowder, salad, steamers, hamburgers and hot dogs. MC is a casual but upscale sit down place with an eclectic menu (they do have lobster rolls and hamburgers) . Both are open for lunch.

      1. I have not been to the other places on your list, because I always go to Cooks. It's not really a lobster shack, but more of a full service restaurant. I recommend it to anyone going up the Maine coast.

        1. Mid-coast Maine (especially the Pemaquid Peninsula) has an embarrassment of riches, when it comes to true lobster shacks. You'll have to call to see which, if any, are open in mid May. Only a few have inside seating; at most you're on a deck hanging over the water. At the most rustic, you bring all the go-withs and booze.

          Shaw's Lobster Wharf, New Harbor: It has inside seating (and a full bar), but it tends to be pricier. It usually opens mid May. Great location and views.

          Round Pond Lobster and Muscongus Bay Lobster, Round Pond: THey face off across the parking lot. Both hang over Round Pond Harbor. RP is the less fancy of the two.

          New Harbor Co-op, New Harbor.

          Pemaquid Fishermen's Co-op, Pemaquid

          South Bristol Fishermen's Co-op, South Bristol

          Broad Cover Marine Services, Medomak (a real sleeper).

          On the St. George Peninsula:

          Dip Net, Port Clyde, behind the General Store. Has inside and deck seating

          Miller's Lobster, Spruce Head, on Wheeler Bay.

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          1. re: Mainegal

            Just a heads-up: I've been told that the chef at the Dip Net wasn't allowed to renew his lease due to the new owner of the Port Clyde General Store wanting to take it over. The new person running it will likely keep the same name, but it's questionable whether the food will be of the same caliber that it had been.

            1. re: Cassoulet

              That is indeed true. The Dip Net chef is scouting locations for a new spot. Last I heard he hadn't found anything. (The Dip Net and locale is owned and by Linda Bean, granddaughter of LL, who currently runs a couple of lobster stands, one in Freeport and one in Rockland, with more to come.)

              1. re: Shooley

                I didn't know Linda Bean owned the Dip Net.
                I always wondered what happened to her...

                1. re: mollydingle

                  Well, she owns the property that the Dip Net has historically sat upon.

          2. I always steer people away from Red's. I know it's an institution and all, but the location and lines just aren't worth it. All it offers that is remarkable is the sheer size of its lobster rolls.

            I wrote a little something about my last visit there: