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Apr 29, 2009 12:45 PM

Cuvee or Luke?

I just found out that my co-worker and I are going to be treated by our boss to Sunday dinner when we arrive this weekend. I've been asked to select the restaurant.

So far, I've come up with Cuvee and Luke. Cuvee is more expensive, but I think it's within the range of possibility. I called, and they are going to be open this Sunday because of Jazzfest.

Which do you think is the better choice? Or... other suggestions for Sunday evening.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Are you looking for more of a quiet atmosphere or more lively?

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    1. re: nikinik

      It could be either, as long as it's not super noisy. I think we're looking for a really lovely dinner that reflects the unique character of New Orleans in some way.

      Originally I was trying to be very financially conservative, so I suggested EAT -- but I think she was going for something more high-end, so I thought of Luke and Cuvee.

      1. re: lakshmidas

        I am one of the few that was really disappointed in Luke. Maybe it was an 'off night', but I was unhappy enough that I would never give it a second chance.

        What about Mr. B's? You can't get more 'New Orleans' than their Gumbo Ya-Ya and their barbecued shrimp!

    2. Mandina's is open sunday, if you want a casual option. It's more nola than luke or cuvee, although both those are really good options. Hmm, I don't know which one of those two I'd pick. I'd probably go with Cuvee, but I'd be happy at either one. Look at the sample menus online, see which one you'd prefer, and go with that one. FWIW, I love the ossobucco deconstructed at Cuvee and their fois gras appetizer. Terrine's good at luke as is the burger and fries. Other than that, I've only had lunch specials at Luke. Commander's and galatoire's are open sundays as well. I'd probably pick either of those over luke and cuvee, if I was looking for a true new orleans meal.

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      1. Just to throw out some other contemporary creole options:
        Dante's, casual, relatively easy to get a reservation, yet the food and wine is fairly high-end
        Bayona on Dauphine
        Clancy's uptown, or the Upperline

        And for my anniversary my husband took me to Restaurant Patois uptown, 6078 Laurel.
        The rabbit terrine was to die for and they have fun New Orleans-y cocktails.
        I had a Po-boy Pimm's.
        The halibut was cooked perfectly (and served with grilled yellow beets, I'm drooling just thinking of them), and the desserts were amazing, taking advantage of the good local strawberries.

        So, yeah, I guess I'd suggest Patois for a lovely dinner that reflects the unique character of New Orleans. You'll be well away from Jazz Fest traffic and the parking is not terrible.

        Have a good time!

        1. Luke is good, but I'd pick Cuvee any day. Not even close.

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          1. re: BayouTeche

            Cuvee. They have there eye on the store.

            1. re: luvsgudfodmm

              Thank you!

              Thank you! It seems most people agree that Cuvee is better. My boss was originally leaning toward Luke, which she thought would be "less stuffy."

              Is she right? How do the two restaurants rate on the "stuffiness" factor?

              1. re: lakshmidas

                Luke is definitely more casual and "brighter". I wouldn't say Cuvee is stuffy, but it is in the "fine dining" arena.

          2. I was at Cuvee that night, I hope you didn't order the lamb. I love lamb but I could hardly eat the dish. This was a huge dissapointment. There was this tomato puree on the plate that tasted like tomato paste. It was so odd it didn't go with anything else on the plate. It was just bad. I would be curious to see what you thought.