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Apr 29, 2009 12:43 PM

Giada DeL. granola recipe - crunchy good!

Someone in another post mentioned this recipe. I am always searching for the perfect (for me) granola recipe so tried this and it was great. Crunchy , chewy, chunky and the best part is no added fat. I cut the amount of brown sugar by half as I was using sweetened cranberry juice and it was plenty sweet for me, and I have a sweettooth. You can use any kind of fruit juice - today I used apple juice (and again cut the sugar) and instead of cranberries, used fruit bits and raisins. The possibilities are endless. I didn't put the fruit in until after the baking was completed (35 mins. or so). And I have trouble getting granola to "chunk" so everytime I stirred, I patted it back down in the pan. It made much better chunks than any other recipe I have tried.

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  1. we've been eating homemade granola for a while now. it is good to know that there is a recipe out there that doesn't have all that oil in there.

    i'm a huge fan of coconut in my granola. so i think i'll throw some of that in there. =)

    1. It sounds delicious. But with that much sugar and maple syrup it would be fairly high-calorie, no?

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        I use Bittman's recipe (or, to be more truthful, ONE of his recipes. It's the baked one.)

        I use a cup of garde b maple syrup for a big pan of oats, nuts, seeds and dessicated coconut slices. I don't know how many calories that is, but the oats to syrup ratio is probably 15 cups to 1....maybe 13 cups. I don't measure. I use no extra sweetener besides the syrup.

        I use oats, nuts (pistach, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, hazelnuts, and any other nuts I can find. I don't like peanuts that much so none of them go into the mix). I use sesame seeds (black and blond) and flax seeds. Other random ingredients go in when I come across them.

        After baking I add dried prunes, dates, plums, apricots, golden raisins, pears and any other dried fruit I can find. I don't like dried peaches so, although we get them from our CSA box, I never use them and give them away whenever somebody is willing to take them.

        Sometimes I put cinnamon in and sometimes not.

        We eat it with non-fat yoghurt and sometimes 1% milk.

        I didn't understand if the original poster means that she uses fruit juice as a sweetener added to the mix before baking or pours it over the finished granola instead of yoghurt.

        I am also a huge fan of coconut, but only like the shaved pieces. The smaller grind stuff gets stuck in my teeth.

        1. re: oakjoan

          The juice is used in the "wet" mixture poured over the oats and nuts before baking. The recipe calls for unsweetened cranberry juice but I could only find the sweetened. That is why I cut the amount of brown sugar called for. And yes, NYCkaren, it does have a fair amount of calories from sugar but I think most granola recipes call for( probably) too much sugar. This one you can easily cut back on. I just don't like having all that fat added too!

          1. re: Susan627

            i can do without all the oil. but as a added boost, i recommend adding just a tad of coconut oil. it just smells so wonderful =)

      2. I just made granola for the first time this week, and I made the recipe from Nigella Lawson's 'Feast' cookbook. It takes applesauce, brown sugar AND brown rice syrup, so it ended up pretty sweet. I think I'll cut back on the sugar next time, but what I really liked was the cinnamon and ground ginger added to it. It's nice with skim milk, but I've heard that soy milk is a great match with homemade granola, so I'll try that also.

        1. Her recipe sounds out of whack -- 3/4 c brown sugar for 2 c oats! My recipe is a composite of Alton/Ina/Hannah's and they basically call for 3 c oatmeal + goodies + 1/3 c oil +1/3 c honey. Bake at 250 until brown. Will crisp up when cool, at which point you add the dried fruit.

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          1. re: Sarah

            My recipe is similar for the syrup, actually VERY low fat and its delicious. I actually bag it and Hope to quit my day job soon. :) For 8 cups oats, the syrup is 1 c brown sugar, 1 cup water, 2 T canola oi, 2 T vanilla, 2 T honey, 1 T kosher salt, Add nuts, wheat germ and cinammon to the oats then toss w the syrup. Bake in oven @300 for 40 minutes, rotating half way through. When done mix in dried cherries, honey sesame cashews (from TJ) and and toasted coconut.

            1. re: shaebones

              Shaebones - this is OT, but I'm very curious and envious. Are you hoping to quit your day job to sell your granola? That is sort of a dream of mine - I have been making and tweaking granola for years and people always tell me I should sell it. Homemade anything is so much better than anything you can buy! Are you actually selling in retail outlets, or word of mouth, or what? Any advice you care to share?

              1. re: Susan627

                contact me @ and we can chat. :)