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Apr 29, 2009 12:41 PM

Rosehill Venue Lounge

I am considering my wedding (ceremony & reception) at Rosehill Venue Lounge (St. Clair and Yonge, Toronto). I saw the space and liked it. I was wondering if anyone had either pros or cons about the venue - if you've been to an event or if you've booked it. Thanks!

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  1. We were to a wedding at this venue about 1.5 years ago.

    For our friends, a big pro was that they could bring in their own caterer. The space definitely has good bones and the way they set up and managed the venue was really effective, but I don't know how much of that was Rosehill and how much was the caterer/bartending (I think they used Daniel et Daniel). I will say they had some multimedia that was seamlessly managed. Based on my limited experience I'd definitely recommend or even consider for my own event.

    1. Hi TObound,

      I'm actually having my wedding there this summer :) Everything has been running great so far no complaints.

      Good luck with ur wedding :)

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        Beergal. Can you let me know how your wedding went? What caterer did they use? Did you have the ceremony there as well? This is what we were planning. How did the overall event go. I need ideas, we are planning on booking by November and I want to make sure you were happy. thanks! you could also email me all of the details at

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          Hi Beergal - any details on your wedding, love to hear how it all went. Did you use a day-off planner or did it work well with the staff from the venue and caterer. I am on the fence about the day-of wedding planner.

        2. I have had a lot of experience there and I have to say it's one of the best run venues in the city. Kirby (venue manager) is fantastic and has amazing knowledge of the space (he himself got married there!). It has a great kitchen for the chefs to work out of and looks beautiful at night lit up by candles. Also needs very little to make it look great for a wedding. The only downside is the lack of outdoor space but hey, it's 'downtown' Toronto.

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            thanks everyone, we met with the manager and loved the space. your comments help. beergal - are you having the ceremony and reception in the venue? the outside is not very appealing but walking into the space is breathtaking....

          2. Hi torontobound,

            Just reading up on people's posts on Rosehill and Noble - did you end up going with them? What did you think of Noble - were they able to accomodate your budget requests? Did beergal email you about her wedding day?


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              I have booked Rosehill but have yet to decide on caterer. Wedding is not until 2011. Never heard back from Beergal unfortunately. Are you considering this as well? Noble Culinary gave us a great price point and interesting menu.

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                My fiance and I hired L-Eat to do our wedding at the Rosehill. After getting quotes from 6 caterers (including Noble) I found the price difference in food costs to be minimal. The difference in quotes is all in the service and rentals.

                Noble's quote was only notably lower because they were recommending half the waiting and cooking staff which worked out to be 1 waiter per 25 people and 1 chef per 50 people. The industry norms would be 1 waiter per 12 people and 1 chef per 25. Maybe Noble makes this work, maybe they tell you later you need more, I don't know and it made me pass. That and I found that they were very busy (not necessarily a bad thing in a caterer per se) but it took way too long for them to get back to me. It made me question what kind of focus I could expect on our wedding day. That all being said I have heard the food from Noble is top notch, but service is worth paying for, I don't want people to have to go looking for waiters.

                I dealt with Dana at L-Eat and she was creative and ridiculously prompt in getting back to me. The owner Tony also personally contacted to discuss the menu, which left a very good impression. Their reputation for great food was well known and the service during the negotiation/planning stages made me feel that I could trust them to deliver on the day of the event

                Good luck, and congrats.

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                  JPJ - Did you do a tasting with either of them? What did you think? Also, when are you getting married?

                  My FI's parents have a tasting with Noble this week - will post results for you, torontobound. Our only backup is L'EAT whose budget came in okay but wasn't as "exciting" for us. We also noticed that Noble's staffing seemed low, so we asked them to ramp that up and it was still substantially below all the others.

                  The funny thing is that Noble has been the most responsive to us - very quick and addressed our points to a T, so we're hoping the tasting goes well.

                  Presidential's contact didn't get back to us when we let them know of our budget. With the 15% landmark fee, the upfront catering cost had to be lowered. Then Amazing Food Service's contact stopped working for them. I noticed that there is a new caterer on Kirby's list - anyone check him out?

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                    Hi supergeek,

                    How were your FI's parents' tasting with Noble? We're a little bit new with this planning business and am hoping for any guidance! Are you also having your wedding at Rosehill?

                    If email is easier, I would appreciate hearing from you:

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                      Thanks supergeek. i'd really love if you could post your noble tasting. they get back to us quickly as well and yes, we know that the budget is mainly for food. Industry should be one staff per 12 people, so they will accommodate this im sure. my budget is reasonable. I was told to contact Sequel as well. Sso they are getting back to me next week. I will keep you informed as well but let know about the tasting and which courses they serve you. many thanks!!

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                        I didn't do tastings, however I have had food catered by Neal Noble when he was with Senses, it was excellent. In terms of L-Eat I have had their food at several events, including recently at TIFF, also excellent. Noble tends towards pan-asian/fusion style cuisine and that is what he excels at. Loschiavo's routes are italian and he tends to use few top quality ingredients to produce great dishes.

                        Tastings are a bit misleading. You will be eating food prepared in small quantities with no real time clock issues. Your wedding will be a mass catered affair where the issues of large scale reproduction and time clock problems are major x-factors. Tastings are good when you are unsure of whether you want to serve a certain dish or to get a flavour for what they do, but in terms of getting an accurate picture of what it will be like the day of your wedding, word of mouth and experience in that setting are the real reliable tests. In fact, I told Loschiavo I didn't want a tasting (I don't want to eat my wedding meal before my wedding) and he told me just to come to his restaurant with my fiance whenever we had time and he would buy us dinner there instead.

                        I went into the catering search with a pretty good idea of the menu I wanted so I asked all of the caterers to quote on that. As such, there was no issue with the excitement level in the food between the caterers, I asked for a certain level of excitement and they all pretty much delivered. Also, the food costs were pretty similar, in fact Daniel et Daniel's food costs were lower than Noble's - but the labour costs were ridiculously high (not in terms of numbers but in terms of hourly rates). In the end I chose the caterer that provided me with the best service and feeling and it sounds like you are on the same track with Noble. I am sure in will turn out great. I would just ask Kirby for his frank opinion, the guy has been in the business a while and seems to know his stuff. He also doesn't seem shy about giving you the straight goods about people. What you don't want is for a caterer to low ball you and then hit you with a huge unexpected bill after the wedding (for extra labour for instance). Another issue you want to be careful about is rentals. Rosehill does have a number of dishes for instance but you may want to look at them before you let your caterer go ahead and use them. The coffee cups for instance, are almost all Cobalt blue, and there are only 93 of them (going off memory could be a little more, could be a little less). L-Eat was the only caterer to call this to my attention, Tony Loschiavo used to own Rosehill so he has a very good working knowledge of it. When we looked at the dishes, many of them were not appropriate. The dinner plates for instance are HUGE. If you are having a sit down dinner and you are going to put 8-10 people around a table, their plates are going to overlap. We will be renting smaller dishes as a result.

                        We are getting married in October 2010.

                      2. re: JPJ

                        Hi JPJ!

                        When is your wedding at Rosehill? Has it happened yet? Is L-Eat the one on Bathurst? I would love to hear from you of your experience thus far with L-Eat and Rosehill. Can you please email me:

                        1. re: SillyTrix

                          L-Eat did my wedding this past August... It was incredible. I also dealt with Dana, she was so great, the tasting was amazing (she was SO patient with my really frustrating in-laws) and people are consistently telling us it's the best wedding food they've had.

                      3. re: torontobound

                        Hi torontobound!

                        Can we talk through email and would you be willing to send me your menu/budget from Noble Culinary? Kind thanks in advance:

                    2. Hey all - the tasting's on Tuesday so I'll post my FI's parents' reaction. I'm hoping for the best because otherwise we'll be stretching our budget. Backup is L-EAT.

                      Thanks for your advice, JPJ! It's really useful. Sillytrixy - I'm also getting married at the Rosehill, in August 2010. E-mail Noble for a quote - I told them the budget I was trying to work in and they met it really well... even with upping the servers from 3 to 6 (for a party of 100).

                      L-EAT also told me about the rentals (particularly the dinner plates)... it's one of those things we don't care about, though, as the big plates will only be on the table for a short while and we'd rather reduce our rental costs as much as possible. I know, attention to detail, but since we're paying for most of the shindig and are pretty young/new professionals, a lot of the wedding planning has involved prioritizing where we can cut ends and what we should splurge on.

                      Sequel, according to Kirby, was one of the more reasonable ones but their quote was on the high end for me. It seemed like most had the same labour rates - though I immediately ruled out Daniel et Daniel because their bottom line was way too high. What happened w/Rose Reisman - it's not on the list anymore. Kirby's been really helpful with everything and I'm happy that he's open to allowing caterers not on his list too!

                      Rosehill Brides - how's the rest of your planning going? Are you planning to use the in-house DJ or do another sort of musical arrangement? Since I'm out of the country I'd love to hear how others' planning is going for the venue (we haven't even seen it in person yet!)

                      ALSO... JPJ et al - beergal (who used to post here) had L-EAT cater her wedding and she seemed happy with it, at least before the event. They were doing mexican apps for her wedding because her and her husband liked that cuisine.

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                        My fiance and I are using the in-house DJ service. The price was competitive, though not the lowest, but most importantly there is an "out of the way" DJ booth in the facility with all his equipment in it, but only he can use it (understandably doesn't want anyone touching his equipment). So if you go with someone else they are going to have to set up somewhere else in the space, if you are having 100 people, that's valuable dance floor real estate.

                        The in-house guy is Eli Katz, met him briefly once already, seems like a cool/fun guy - has lots of experience.

                        p.s. WRT the caterers its looks like they send out different quotes to different people, likely based on the timing of the event and whether they expect to have a lot of suitors for that day. Saturdays in the heart of wedding season likely produce higher quotes than say a Friday/Sunday or an off season event. That wpuld certainly explain what appears to be some divergence in the pricing.

                        1. re: JPJ

                          I wouldn't be surprised if they did that.... I started contacting caterers more than a year in advance, which was probably not the best move in some regards. I noticed that as time went by, some were willing to go down in price though.