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Apr 29, 2009 12:40 PM

Looking for mead...

Hello all,

I've been looking high and low for a place to try mead in Toronto, and I haven't found anything yet. (The LCBO isn't carrying any right now.) Anyone have any suggestions for places where I might be able to try some?

Also, for bonus points, if anyone knows where one could buy elderflower or elderberry syrup/concentrate/cordial, I'd love to hear it!



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  1. The Beer Store carries several different flavoured meads. I've only tried the black currant one, but I quite liked it. Not too sweet and not at all artificial tasting (however, other previous posters have likened Trafalgar Brewery's meads to sickly sweet coolers, FYI):

    If you're looking for the type of mead that is strictly yeast-fermented honey and water, however, you might have to contact the meaderies themselves (there are several in Ontario):

    There have been other threads on this topic:

    For elderberry syrup, I'd try Ikea. They usually carry both elderberry and lingonberry syrup.

    Another good bet would be Viking Fine Foods and Catering, at 133 Laird:

    1. Actually LCBO-Vintages does have at least one Mead on offer now, though it is a flavored mead: ROSSIGNOL ESTATE BLACKBERRY MEAD 2006, VINTAGES Item # 69708, $ 22.95. An inventory check on the LCBO site shows it's pretty widely available.

      1. Jeremy Day has mead at his Cafe Taste on Queen West.

        1. I've seen Moniack Mead in the LCBO store at Queen's Quay,'s the tradional Honey mead drink..$21

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            I attended the opening of Rosewood Estate Winery in Beamsville last year. They are producing mead/honey wine, but I'm not sure if it's available at the LCBO. You might want to contact them.


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              I picked up a bottle of mead at Rosewood last summer but I haven't seen it at the LCBO, nor is it listed on their website. However, it's worth a visit to the winery if you're in the area.

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                Munro Honey in Alvinston is also producing some excellent mead:


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                  I'll second that. I worked with Warren Munro as a teenager
                  Here is the product list. They say they will ship.
                  Contact Davis Bryans and say Jamie sent you there.

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              Moniack has been delisted for almost 2 months now. I ~literally~ got the LAST bottle in Ontario, a hand-carry from the pair that was in Petawawa to Kanata, and I picked it up there. I was almost ready to drive to TO to get the half-dozen downtown, thats how good this stuff is. When I decided, they were GONE.

              If anyone knows where in CANADA it can be bought and mailed, let me know? Otherwise I'll have to have a friend in the UK bring some over (he winters in NS, don't ask me why...)

              As for the Trafalgar stuff, it tastes VERY malty... a very poor substitute for the excellent Moniack. The Chaucers stuff LCBO had two years ago was no better. Anyone wanna start a petition to try to get LCBO to bring it back?

              The SAQ in Quebec has many PQ-made meads listed, although half of them are 'berry-flavored' instead of natural honey-mead (look under hydromel) Any recommendations would be appreciated (I'm across the river in Ottawa, so SAQ's are easily accessed)


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                talk to the buyer at your lcbo. if you buy a case they will likely bring it in for you. i've done this in the past with things they've de-listed.

            3. Great - thanks all. Any ideas for elderberry/elderflower? (Thanks for the Ikea tip, but I don't have a car, so that's not my first choice.)

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                To quote redearth's post: another good bet for elderberry syrup would be Viking Fine Foods and Catering, at 133 Laird:


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                  Ah - well spotted. I must have missed that. Thanks!