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Solo dining in Montreal

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I'll be in Montreal next weekend (Sat-Mon) and am looking to try some great restaurants on my own. I have a reservation for Sunday night at Pied De Cochon to sit at the bar. I'd love other suggestions for restaurants where I'd feel comfortable eating on my own, maybe that are casual or also have bars where I can sit and eat.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Leméac has a nice bar as does L'Express. Another couple that come to mind are Holder and Jolifou. Search for any of these on this board and you'll find lots of mentions of them and reviews of the food.

    1. Hiya, here are some useful threads you might want to check out. Have a great trip!

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      1. I would recommend Au Cinquième Pêché, www.aucinquiemepeche.com, which features inventive takes on classic french cuisine with an equally inventive wine list. If you sit at the bar, engaging in wine talk with staff can lead to a fantastic journey of wine.

        Perhaps, odd for Montreal, I would also suggest you try out the bar at Jun-i, www.juni.ca, which features a French twist on Japanese. At the bar, one can have fascinating discussion with the chef, especially if you are susceptible to his sake proselytizing.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions--much appreciated!

          1. Ferreira Cafe also has a bar you can eat at. They do a great job on fish. Don't miss the truffled potatoes if you go there.

            1. Thanks for the suggestions--went to Ferreira Cafe on Saturday night, sat at the bar and had the tuna duo and the foie gras. Both delicious. Bartender was very friendly.

              Went to PDC on Sunday night, sat in front of the kitchen and had a lot of fun chatting with the cooks and my neighbors. Had the duck in a can and the apple crumble which were both amazing.

              Thanks for your help!

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                Next time try the beet and goat cheese salad....to die for!

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                  Good choice! The duck in a can is my single favorite thing I have eaten in a restaurant.

                2. I ate at Les trois petits bouchons on St-Denis street at the bar last week and loved it. I did not feel out of place, I have to say that I don't care very much what other people think about you dining alone, and the food was excellent. The waiters, and the owner, that seve at the bar are really friendly and professional. I had the sweet breads, octopus and a cheese plate...everything was excellent. All the plates I looked at that came out of the kitchen were also inviting! I suggest that you make a reservation for the bar because it gets crowded very quickly.