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Apr 29, 2009 11:52 AM

Koharu Sushi - Plano

Anyone tried the new sushi place on Spring Creek? I think it's called Koharu. It's located where The Daily Grind used to be.

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  1. I have not eaten there but I did stop in today to pick up a menu and they are very pricey in my opinion. Four pieces of Nigiri Sushi is $8.95 and 7 pieces of Sashimi is $11.95. Most of their entrees are $12.95 - $16.95 and it doesn't appear that you can order only one type of sushi like California Rolls; all the sushi comes as a combo and the price ranges from $13.95-$29.95. Lunch seems to be the only thing that is somewhat reasonable ranging from $5.95-$9.95. I don't think they will last long but only time will tell. Hope this helps!

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      Hmm that's pretty pricey indeed when Sushi of Plano has $1 Nigri all the time and from $1 to $3 off Maki & Sushi.

    2. I'm sorry Mel but that is completely untrue. They have an entire separate menu for people to order individual sushi. You can find just about anything on this menu. One side is for rolls and the other side is for sushi. For example, they have a 6 piece california rolls for like $5. 95 which isn't that pricey in my opinion. Their sushi is extremely fresh and the service is very good as well. I would recommend everyone to try Koharu at least once.