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Apr 29, 2009 11:51 AM

Deerfield's in Schaumburg

Hi all,
Need some guidance regarding Deerfield;s Bakery in Schaumburg. My wonderful mother-in-law routinely treats my family to a host of items from this bakery but lately we have noticed a startling drop in taste and quality. Anyone else have the same experience? The last time we tried the apple slices they had the most bizzare spongy texture. Does anyone have recomendations for another bakery in that area, or we just picking the wrong items?

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  1. I personally cannot stand Deerfields, esp Deerfield's in Schaumburg - some of their stuff is cute or looks good but no taste, all frosting.

    We typically frequent Jarosch's in Elk Grove Village (strip mall located at intersection of Arlington Heights Rd and Higgins). They are the closest we have to an old timey bakery in the Schaumburg area. Although I've noticed a few changes -- not for the better -- even at Jarosch in the past couple years, primarily in the coffee cakes, I have attributed it to 1) the low carb mania that struck a few years back and 2) the economy.

    In this area, some people also like Continental which is in Mt Prospect (I think) or the Cake Box (Rolling Meadows/Arlington Heights area) but of those, I'd still choose Jarosch.

    Last year Jarosch did a cake for my MIL's 100th birthday and just this past weekend, a cake for my nephew's 50th birthday and party attendees are still raving about both.