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Apr 29, 2009 11:19 AM

Early evening - like Vinoteca but near Oxford St/ Bond Street ?

Dear all

I am in London for one day only ( tomorrow ) and looking for somewhere to grab an early evening meal ( 6 - 7 ish ) with great food & wine before heading out of Euston at about 9.

Somewhere like Vinoteca ( in terms of atmosphere, quality, food and price ) , but located nearer to the shopping hub of Oxford Street/ Bond Street would be great. But if Vinoteca is still best and worth the tube ride, please just tell me so ! Also, if I have no chance of getting a table that would be welcome advice .

Not too fussy about cuisine but classic but Mediterranean of some sort preferred .

Thanks in advance

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  1. I liked Trattoria Semplice in Mayfair, which us near Oxford Street/ Bond Street.

    1. You can't reserve a table at Vinoteca in the evening, and there was 45 minute wait for a table last time I tried to go there (rammed full of city workers).

      You could go to Moro in Exmouth Market and have tapas at the bar - it's then a 20 minute walk or a short bus ride to Euston.

      Otherwise Terroir is an option. I haven't been but it's had great reviews. It's near Charing Cross Road. Or Giaconda Dining Rooms, near Tottenham Court Rd tube.

      1. tierra brindisa on Broadwick st?
        or Barrafina?

        1. Terroir seconded. I was just thinking today how similar in many ways it is to Vinoteca, and how happy that made me; simple cheap food, excellent wine list, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff, that feeling you get when overwhelmed by the simplicity of approach. Why can't more places be like this? Would also endorse Giaconda, though not as an alternative to Vinoteca (though I suppose it is in in the same league of kitchen size, ie one chef). Also why go all the way to Moro, which has a terrible wine list, and not Vinoteca? Basically equidistant.

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            Would have to disagree with the Moro wine list -I think it's fine and perfectly suited to the food. But you do have a point that it doesnt exactly meet the brief in being in Exmouth Market!
            I'd go for Giaconda or Barrafina -you shouldn't have too much of a wait at that early hour

            1. re: skut

              lets just say there are similarities as the people who own a share of terroirs also supply much of the wine to vinoteca

              1. re: batfink23

                Caves de Pyrene right? Would go some way to explaining it, at least in terms of the uniqueness and value of their respective lists, though I imagine CdP also supply a good few places which aren't nearly as fun. With regards to Moro, I was there with a friend the other day who buys lots of wine from one of their main suppliers and couldn't believe their mark ups. I always stick to sherry there anyway after a couple of indifferent experiences, but this confirmed my suspicions. Anyway, glad you've been more fortunate than I.

                1. re: skut

                  In that Oxford street area I would recommend Shampers at 4 Kingly street Soho. It is very unpretentious - not quite the quality of Vinoteca but great wine list and simple Italian food in a very friendly atmosphere. You can actually book at Shampers as well which is a plus.


                  1. re: Gourmet Chick

                    Shampers is still going? Well done them. It was good 25 years ago and they deserve their longevity. I wonder if it's still run by the same man who also had the Cork & Bottle off Leicester Sq? (Don Hewitson from NZ)

                    1. re: Robin Joy

                      Not sure but I have heard good things about cork and bottle as well.

              2. re: skut

                Thanks for replies - not a great outcome though I am afraid. Clearly word is out about Terroirs - we had no reservation at 6pm and all we got was a pitying look from the staff - no chance of a table at all . Incidentally there was a very well to do looking layt also stood in line who said she had had a reservation and had still been bumped. Hmmm.

                Worse sins still from Vinoteca - we called them from Charing Cross at 6.30 and asked ( perhaps naively ) how long would we wait if we slogged over there at that point.

                They said they had no wait for tables ( though they were full). After our half hour tube ride and being ignored for 5 minutes on arrival we were told it would be a two hour wait - a bit of a difference and a major probelm when your train leaves Euston at 9.07 and its 7pm.

                So big thumbs down for Vinoteca unless dishonesty and a snotty attitude is your thing. Plus it was a very city types vibe ( most unlike previous weekend visits ) with a lot of champers causing a quizzical eyebrow to be raised at notions of credit crunch, hard times etc. Perhaps because we were in our jeans we got bad attitude and the promise of a long wait time. But hey - lying to people over the phone about how busy you are - unforgiveable really.