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Apr 29, 2009 10:53 AM

sugar cones for ice cream, where?

I like a scoop of ice cream in a sugar cone. But when I buy sugar cones at a supermarket or a bodega to scoop my own, they are not the same as the cones used in any old restaurant or ice cream parlor.

Anybody know where to get the restaurant kind? The "fake" ones are dryer, sugaryer and brittle, while the restaurant ones have an ever so slightly moist suppleness or "chew". I'm thinking the difference is because the product at the supermarket is designed to sit around a long time, and or to just be cheap as hell.

An "artisanal" handmade cone would also be fine, I wouldn't reject them, but it strikes me that they'd not be so convenient, i wouldn't want to head out to buy a fresh made cone every time I wanted one.

I'm posting in Manhattan because that's where I want to buy them, but personal experience tells me that this problem exists on the national scale.

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