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Apr 29, 2009 10:43 AM

Weekend in Seattle

I don't make it up to Seattle much, (Im an Oregonian but for some reason never get up there)
and will be spending 3 to 5 days in the area. I am wondering what culinary landmarks should I stop at while I am there. I work in a kitchen by profession, so I really do not care about how much a dinner costs, as long as it gives me satisfaction in return. All I really know about seattle restaurants are the big names.
Crush, Salumi, Tom Douglas' places, etc.

As far as culinary preference, I don't like boring or cookie cutter food. Gimme offal over a piece of beefsteak any day of the week. So any suggestions would be fantastic. thank you so much for your help.

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  1. These might help-

    For your query my answer would be-
    Crush (Madison)
    Stika & Spruce
    Paseo (Fremont
    )Tamarind Tree (International District)
    Art of the Table (Wallingford- Serves Thrus/Fri/Sat)
    Lola (Belltown- Eat brunch*)
    Matt's in the Market (Pike Place- Eat Lunch*)
    Molly Moon's (Wallingford/Captiol Hill- Ice Cream)
    Marcrina Bakery (Breakfast/Lunch-Belltown)
    Txori (Belltown)
    How to Cook a Wolf (Queen Anne)
    Spur (Belltown)
    Quinn's (Captiol Hill)
    Salumi (Pioneer Square)
    Spring Hill (West Seattle- Best new chef)
    Bakery Nouveau (West Seattle- international award winner)

    1. Dahlia Lounge (downtown)
      Stumbling Goat Bistro (grrenwood/phinney ridge)
      Pink Door (post alley)
      Kingfish (capital hill)

      1. astroid not pass this one up!

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          1. I just want to let you know that the hype on Salumi is warrented! Yes, it has gotten a lot of press ... but when I went to check it out (I was there a few weeks ago) I found it to still be pretty much a local's hang out. (And despite the press and the celebrity offspring, it is still just a family run "Mom and Pop" place)

            It is out of this world good! They are extremely friendly, and the price is right for the quantity and quality!!

            You got to try it!!


            YOU HAVE GOT TO GO TO GELATIAMO (3rd and union) for the best gelato in the world!!!