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curry stain on Le Creuset

Well, I made curry dish yesterday slow cooked for 5 hours.
The curry left some yellow and brown that wouldn't wash out.
Well sometimes we get it on our plates too but eventually seem to go away.

I didn't want to try the LC cleaner or bar keepers friend since I know they are somewhat abrasive.

Maybe in a few years, the pan will look well loved. Good thing I didn't pick up the Dune color though because of this.

BTW, when washing it is OK to use "scrotch brite", the blue sponge version that is not supposed to scratch (not the green one)?.

It stained some of my silicone utensils also.. does anyone know how to get the silicone clean again.

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  1. Re Scotch Brite: I don't know whether it's okay, but I've used it to clean my LC without any noticeable adverse results.

    Re stained silicone utensils: I've always had to wait for it to go away (though I'm sure someone else will come up wth a better solution). Though, incidentally, I'm still waiting for a curry stain from some squid stir fry to go away (on my RED spatula, no less).

    1. I don't know why, but people seem to think enamel cookware is somethin' delicate. It's not!

      Hit it with a green or blue scrubber, hit it with Ajax or Comet or Bar Keepers' Friend, soak it in bleach, spray it with oven cleaner -- you're just not going to harm it with anything commonly available at your local grocery store...

      1. The yellow stain is from turmeric. A little bleach in some warm water should take it right out.

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          I've read in other posts that bleaching wears away the interior surface and gloss - which most people don't want to do. LC's interior is a nice glossy light color that is very non stick to cook with for the most part, bleaching slowly takes this away which I wouldn't want to do to my pots. JMO.

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            DILUTED bleach. try a tablespoon in a gallon of water, maybe. anyone have a preferred ratio?

            and i use non-stick scrubbies, and i've used barkeepers friend.

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              It's enamel. Glass. Glass is completely resistant to just about everything. Bleach is not going to wear anything away, slowly or otherwise:
              Washing machine drums are often enameled steel, for example.

              Fill the pot with water, add a splash of bleach, and throw some old sponges in to clean them too. Let it sit for half an hour or so and the pot is back to showroom condition.

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                Non-stick? What are you talking about? The whole point with enameled cookware is that the the food is supposed to stick!

                Sticking is bad when you're trying to cook eggs or other delicate foods like scallops, for example.

                If you're pan searing a nice chicken leg though, heat some oil on medium high and let the chicken sit there for 5 minutes. In good quality cookware like Le Creuset, the chicken will not burn... instead it will brown into lovely golden crispiness, render its fat into the pan, and leave lovely intensely flavored browned bits of chicken-y heaven stuck to the bottom of the pan which will be the foundation for a lovely sauce.

                Incidentally, that's the reason why the LC interior is so light-- so that you can see the browned bits of chicken or onions as they stick to the bottom of the pan (this is called "fond").

                Mr Taster

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                I have been using bleach on my Descoware pots for over 50 years and my LC dutch oven for about 25 years without a problem.

                I have one Descoware pot ( a covered casserole) that was somewhat porous from day one. Since I use it almost exclusively for curries, I have left it alone for years. It's now a lovely Desco orange on the outside and a cool curry yellow inside.

              3. I also wouldn't use the bleach, except maybe as a last resort and in a weak solution. People have said these stains wear off by themselves as you use the oven. You might try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser which does work well, or Le Creuset's cleaner which also acts as a polish and conditions the pots against future stains. It's made for LC so it won't harm it.

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                  I agree - I also use the LC cleaner and have been happy with the results.

                2. Try Soft Scrub....I take good care of my new (and old) LC but don't baby it. Sometimes an annoying stain will appear...occasional use of bleach or BKF will help get it out & IME does not hurt your LC...

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                    Barkeeper's Friend will make the insides of your LC shinier than before, not duller (rubbed every time with the blue non-scratch 3m scrubber sponges). I also use BKF on my porcelain bathtub and stainless steel sink to great effect. A little bleach & water will remove an especially stubborn tumeric stain--you don't need much bleach & a weak solution will not adversely impact the enamel surface.

                  2. No one is gonna like this because it's not an economical answer but the only thing that works for me (and I use BCF daily on pots and have tried just about every other household cleaner on LC without success) is a product sold by LC themselves: Le Cruset Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Cleaner, around $10. It is manufactured by Siege Chemical Company, Phoenix, AZ, and sold by LC themselves on their website. I have owned LC for 20+ years - all in WHITE so I know what I'm talking about. I have only bought three bottles of this in 20 years that I can recall - a little goes a long way (I used it once when I rented an apartment in NYC that had a bathtub that looked like the mob had been dismembering, um, members in it - it worked great on that, too!). I am positively Navy when it comes to my batterie de cuisine - this stuff just plain works and nothing else does, so there. No idea what is in it - there is no scrubbing - all the scrubbing does nothing for stains - this stuff you pour on a clean dry pot, rub in and rinse immediately - that's it and stains are gone! Let me know if this doesn't work I would be shocked. (Incidentally - if any of you have any old LC in WHITE you want to sell - I am in the market as, sadly, they sell the color no more . . . :-(

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                        Does using the LC cleaner restore the gloss to the interior enamel if it has become dull?

                      2. You may also want to call their customer service 800 number ... or email them on their webpage. They may even have the answer on their FAQs.

                        1. Hey, can I ask the recipe for that curry?

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                            It is not authentic or anything but you can get curry powder from asian super market and use about few table spoons and make a big stew of either chicken or beef brisket. Boil the meat briefly and discard the water, then with the powder simmer the meat and put in carrot, potateo, onion etc in the last hour. Some minced garlic and I also put more cut up dried chilli for heat. You can add more chilli or powder as needed I never measure.

                            I cook in the LC less than half power for a few hours (a little higher than crock pot) in the case of beef brisket.
                            In the last 15 minute I would add in coconut milk from the Asian supermarket. You don't want to cook too much after the coconut milk or it will separate.

                            Sometimes I would use the Japanese kind curry for a different taste, which doesn't give the fluorescent yellow stain. Note that this is an amateur way to cook this and I am not from that background.. but it taste yummy.

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                              bar keepers or borax works like magic. i use borax to clean my oven works like a dream and non toxic.

                          2. I find simmering a tomato sauce in Le Creuset for a couple hours will clean the most stubborn stains!