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Apr 29, 2009 10:17 AM

New resto in southwest Calgary

A brand spanking new place in Glenmore Landing replacing old "Friars" on 90th Ave opened 2 weeks ago. We were impressed with great service, excellant(and cheap) food . What a great addition to that mall. Its called 1600 Beirhaus . They have 32 varieties of beer, daily specials are "steamers" on Tuesdays, and hamburgers on Fridays for $10. Seems like there isn't much over $12 on the menu. It is very classy and modern looking with black & white decor.

Lets hope it keeps up a good standard .we needed it here .

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  1. I assume it must be related to 1410 bierhaus, i remember seeing on their sign that they were hiring for a new location. Same owners as classic jack's also. Good folks, actually. Hope it does well for them.

        1. re: MeXx

          Seems new to me they opened a couple of weeks ago!!!

          1. re: cckido

            MeXx but be confusing it with 1410 which has the exact same logo (and if you're lucky the same menu, too).

        2. Looks good! But I have to admit I'm a little sad about Friars. I think they had the best hot wings in the city (but that's just one man's opinion). RIP.

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          1. re: 23skidoo

            1410 has GREAT wings and some of the best pizza in the city- so you should be able to find the same at this new location!

          2. We ended up there one night and it happened to be a Flames game night. Despite the crowd, we managed to get a booth. Really great atmosphere/crowd. Everyone was happy (not obnoxious), drinks were great, food was great and plentiful. Service was attentive and manager actually seemed to care how we were doing. Random guy tried to pick us up (table of three women, all wearing wedding bands), and when we let him down easy, even he was still friendly. The interior is modern and really quite nice. Will definitely be back!