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Apr 29, 2009 10:12 AM

Please help! Need Puerto Rican style B-Day cake...

...for my daughter's first b-day. I have heard of a lot of Domincan bakeries that do cakes around 17th ave between 20th and 36th st but no Puerto Rican bakeries. I know the difference is small, but it is different. I want the traditional dense moist cake that most in the island make using pineapple juice (or rum when for adults). I could go with one of the fancy ladies that do weddings, but I want something more authentic (and cheap). Any ideas of somewhere or maybe even somewhere I can call for a lead? THANKS!!!!

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    1. Miami, but will go anywhere in So Florida for it...

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        You might wanty to try
        Ila Bakery
        15588 SW 72 Street
        Miami, FL 33193
        (305) 382-3150

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          Looked all day and found it in the LAST place I looked:



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            U looked all day?!?!? You rock ! ;) Thanks so much..

            1. re: advisor_Girl

              This is a Dominican Lady...but thanks so much for checking and giving me the lead girl!

            2. re: Alfred G

              I just read on yelp they sell "pan sobao"...that is VERY good to know!!!!!!! No disrespect to fellow Cuban chows, but this is the best bread....

          2. Hello,

            Im having the same issue its going to be my sons first birthday. Did you find anyone that does the cakes??? If you did can I please have the information.... Thanks

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              Nope never found exactly what I am looking I ended up ordering from Todo Dulces in South Miami. They did my wedding cake and the cakes are amazing. Vanilla Brandy cakes instead of vanilla rum, just as moist as the Puerto Rican cakes, but not quite the same. I even emailed a bunch of Puerto Rican clubs/groups in Miami and they recommended Edda's Cake Designs, which I am sorry but they do not cut it! did hear that El Jibarito supermarket on NW 2nd Ave may have leads...if you find someone please post...I'll do the same!

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                I called them and no luck. They are cubans and they dont know anyone that does that type of cake. Im going to try Ila Bakery which I heard they kinda do that style. Or there is one by my house in Boca that is called Delicioso cakes and pastries that are puertorican. So If I have more info I will let you know.

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