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Apr 29, 2009 09:52 AM

Bellissimo on Esplanade

Thinking of trying it for some good old silver tray ‘za.

I know it’s generally well regarded. Is it still good? Don’t care about atmosphere really. Just want good pizza and decent service.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. It's a cozy neighbourhood place but the pizza is not that great, in my opinion. Really thick crust, loaded with sauce and toppings, but none of it tastes like much. The cheese is not high quality. I think kids and teens probably think it's great, but after being spoiled by nice crispy crusts and tasty toppings I can't get into it.

      The burgers there are pretty good, though. And I love the smalltown feel of this place, as well as Times Square a few blocks west (with good fish and chips, yes I'm straying way off topic here...)

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      1. re: Gary

        Thanks for your insight Gary, appreciate it!

      2. I used to enjoy the Bellissimo pizzas. The last two times I ordered delivery it was as though they were a completely different pizzeria. You cannot undercook a thick crust pizza and expect the experience to be enjoyable. The toppings seemed cheaper.

        Now when I want the silver stand of pizza I go to Olympic 76. Consistently good pizza. Not sure I'd eat anything else there.

        Olympic 76
        8A Gloucester St, Toronto, ON M4Y1L5, CA

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        1. re: Googs

          Yeah, earlier reports had Bellisimo rating better. Now….. I’m not so sure. Thanks for the update, it’s good to be current.

          I too like Olympic 76's pizza. Maybe I’ll check them out instead, it's been awhile….hmm.

          1. I think you should walk down the street to King/Ontario get a pizza at Mangia e Beve.

            1. re: futronic

              Agreed, Mangia & Bevi is the best pizza in the neighbourhood. Though it's a totally different thin crust style than you'd get at Bellissimo.

              Mangia & Bevi
              260 King E, Toronto, ON M5A1K3, CA

          2. Can't speak to the service as I have only ordered it in. I have had Bellissimo's many times, and I agree that it wasn't as good there for awhile. However, I had it this past weekend and it was delicious. Much better than the last couple of times - the crust wasn't too thick (i.e. it was actually cooked through). Maybe it depends on who is making the pizza, which is a bad thing. I think I will try some of the other posters' suggestions though :)