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Apr 29, 2009 09:46 AM

Inespensive gem in or near South Beach

I have booked all the higher end restaurants in South Beach, but am now looking for any outstanding gems that won't break the bank for some friends I have coming into town. What do you recommend?

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  1. Andria>
    Fratelli la Buffala, Cafe Charlotte, Bella Cuba and Chalan on Washington...
    TapTap on 5th. GrillFish on Collins. AltaMar on Lincoln. Bartolme on Purdy. Barbu on West. 8 ounce on Alton. Clarke's on 1st.


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    1. re: advisor_Girl

      You forgot bbq beach ;). Alta mar is not cheap btw.

      I would add joe allen and of course martarello.

      1. re: tpigeon


        You make a good point, but it's "inexpensive" compared to Hakkasan. What's an inexpensive GEM to you these days? I'm not feeling the love.


        1. re: advisor_Girl

          Yes it is but so is almost anything else :). Martarello is an inexpesive gem by almost any standard. I would consider Alta moderate.

          Also there are these italian tacos on 13th and washington that are a great value. Each taco costs $1 and they are good - 3 or 4 make a decent sized meal.

          A la follie and puerto sagua, the falaffel place on 11th and washington and the one on 6th between collins and wash are other good ones.

          1. re: tpigeon

            Right on TP. I was going to add A la Folie and Pita Spice on Washington. Both have great food at a nice price and both are interesting places to eat at.

            Im curious though - whats the name of the Italian taco place and what, exactly, constitutes an "Italian taco"???

            1. re: Blind Mind

              It is a little storefront right by the crunch gym. They have soft shell tacos with italian ingredients in it instead of mexican. They are not amazing but they are suprisingly good and and excellent value.

              1. re: tpigeon


                We are not talking about the 4th P (1251 Washington Avenue) because TP already OUTED Matarellos.

                : )


                1. re: advisor_Girl

                  it kinda sorta maybe is close to South Beach, to me it is because I have a car, but Buena Vista Bistro is tops when it comes to great food with a little french influence at under $20 for a nice entree and a decent bottle of red for $28 and tasted like it was twice the price.

                  Buena Vista Bistro
                  4582 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

        2. re: tpigeon

          We tried Martarello today... amazing sandwiches & focaccia! I am a hard to please Italian, and their dough is very close to my mother's. We will head back to try more of their pizza.

          1. re: Andria

            where's this Martarello and do they deliver?

            1. re: HabaneroJane

              They are located on Washington, near the corner of Espanola Way... across from Cameo... near a sushi place. I don't think they deliver.

      2. I like Van Dyke's on Lincoln Road Mall. The food is good, cheap and you get to people watch. They have this pasta filled with pear and cheese that is really good.

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        1. re: Loriekeys

          I have to disagree with Van Dyke.

          1. re: tpigeon

            I second that and don't dare mention Nexxt Cafe.

            1. re: tpigeon

              i disagree with your disagreement. If I watch people eating at the Van Dyke then I assume they are watching me. Thus you get to people watch ;)

              1. re: lax2mia

                Let me clarify - great people watching mediocre to poor food.

                  1. re: lax2mia

                    and since Soyka gave up management of it, even the simple roasted chicken is tough to digest now.

                    1. re: jmdhsmiami

                      I'll have to agree to pass on Van Dyke, however, the live music upstairs occasionally has some great acts and its got an intimate vibe too. Yes for cocktails and live music, no for food.