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Apr 29, 2009 09:33 AM

Interesting eats in South Beach

we're insouth beach for 3 nights and looking for places that have interesting food/authentic . No interest in italian/pastas/bland south american catering to tourists etc. maybe we're in the wrong location for what i'm looking for. also dont want to spend more than $50 per person for a nice place and then maybe a few more casual places. Planning to hit Little Havana one night - any suggestions there also welcome, or anywhere a hsort cab ride away.
Saw mention of Anise and Suzon on the board - thoughts on those?

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  1. sono>

    Anise is a Greek waterfront Taverna though Ariston on 71st is closer and the Greek food is better. If you taxi ALL the way to Anise - eat at Red Light or Metro - way more interesting than Anise.

    On SB, Taverna Opa is similar Greek but more of a loud scene you don't seem to want so I would sub TapTap on 5th if you just want "interesting ethnic" but not just Greek.

    Sazon is workmanlike Cuban but you could do Bella Cuba on Washington if a taxi is involved. Cafe Charlotte and Chalan are better Latin and closer than Sazon.

    Other interesting ethnic would be Indomania on Collins - now THAT'S interesting...


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      Hey Advisor Girl,
      Have you actually dined at Anise? I know you were not a fan of Ouzo's but Anise is very different and better than ever in every aspect from food to ambience to service. You are the only one that disagrees on that. You should not be making comments like that without trying a place out.. I am curous to know why you keep sending negative comments about Ouzo's and Anise..

    2. In south beach area I would do el chalan and indomania.