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Apr 29, 2009 09:25 AM

Buying a house in North Hills, what is good to eat there?

So I have lived in Hollywood for the last 13 years, but my fiancée and I are about to close on a house in the North Hills area, and neither of us know the area at all. Is there good food up there, what is it and where.

We go out to the San Gabriel area at least once a month for Dim Sum, Dumplings, or Pho, and will probably still do that. I also live right near Palm Thai, so that is always an alternative, but I just know nothing up in that part of the valley.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. North Hills is slapped up against a few good areas. So, in San Fernando THE best tamales: Old Tamale Facotry on Maclay and First. Not far at all. Just take Sep. N towards San Fernando - 5 min from you. Then curve around to what turns into Brand. McClay is 1 blk W. There's a Vallarta Market at Sepulveda/Chatsworth 9136 Sepulveda Blvd.
    Love this place. Check out everything to see what turns you on if you've never been. I go for cheese/veges. seafoods/chick and the yummy Panderia - 4/2.00$! If you take Chatsworth W you'll hit Granada Hills in 5 - From Chatsworth turn R on Balboa and go 1 blk to San Fernando Mission. On the E side there's a T.J.'s and behind that a Mid-Eastern mkt w/really good babganouj/hummus and youghurt. search the board for Van Nuys/Granada Hills/Northridge. You're really not far from any of those areas. Anytime you want to meet somewhere just holler! KQ :)

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      And also right there by TJ is Italia Deli which had great subs and takeout Italian food.

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        Not too far is Carrillo's, which has homemade tortillas and tamales. It's a little hole in the wall. The burritos are awesome. The carnitas have the right taste and good size. It's at the corner of Pico and S. Kallisher St right behind the Valu Plus supermarket and the Gallo Giro (great carnitas and panaderia here, BTW).

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          Regarding the Vallarta Market, my daughter swears by their produce. She says the watermelon from there has already been outstanding this summer, and I know her standards for watermelon are pretty high...

          Vallarta Restaurant
          563 W Ventura St, Fillmore, CA 93015

        2. Brent's deli in Northridge is one of the best delis in LA.

          1. Thanks for the replies. I will have to check them out.

            So far we had Tamales at a place on Nordhoff just East of the 405, which was was pretty tasty, as well as a Mexican place called Dos Arbolitos at Woodley and Nordhoff that was also pretty good (great sandwiches).

            And have been pretty impressed by A&W seafood. Sure not the same as driving out to San Gabriel, but for how close it is, we were pretty darn impressed.

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              Dos Arbolitos and A&W are 2 of my favorites in the area. We lived in Chatsworth for almost 8 years and just bought a house in Porter Ranch so we're still in the same general area, just further east. I work near Dos Arbolitos so I have it once a week or so. :)

              If you like Indian, try takeout from Punjab Palace (you can eat there but they do mostly takeout and a large catering business). There's a good India Sweets and Spices on Topanga and Sherman Way for fast food vegetarian Indian.

              Shamshiri on Tampa and Roscoe has decent Persian food.

              Angelo's on Mason and Devonshire for good Italian food.

              Brother's and Little Brother's Sushi are both around Topanga and Ventura. Love the garlic shrimp roll! We also like Omino Sushi at Devonshire and Variel.

              Rincome Thai on Balboa and Devonshire -- great spicy noodles, yellow curry and other great goodies.

              Cafe Graikos at Tampa and Rinaldi for greek food. I like the Chicken Skordalia plate but they have lots of great things to choose from.

              There's a good cuban restaurant at Saticoy and Sepulveda. I always forget the name, but it's on the east side of the street. Parking is hard to find, and they speak limited English but they have great cuban sandwiches.

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                thank you for the mention of the tamale place; my daughter lives around the corner from there and it has been on my list to try. Did you have a favorite among the types of tamales?

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                  I always like the sweet corn ones, which are the first I try. Also tried some desert ones.

                  This place is not the best, in fact id doesn't touch the Tamale Maiden at the Hollywood Farmer's Market, but for convenience and location it is worth checking out.

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                    got a chance to check it out yesterday. I did like the tamale de pina, but the corn ones didn't do much for me. Not enough corn bits for my taste; tasted like sugared masa. The pork was also rather bland. My favorite was the chicken: lots of flavorful shredded chicken with a nice level of spicing. They also have Mexican breakfasts, with a sign advertising tortillas 'hecho a mano' though I definitely saw packaged ones on the counter. Four tamales is enough for two meals , they are generously sized.

                1. Pampas Cafe in Granada Hills. Great Argentinian food!