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Apr 29, 2009 08:35 AM

Need suggestions for casual dining at Pape & Gerrard

Need to find a good resto. around Gerrard Square that is casual and fairly quick.


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  1. The best is Pizza Pide at Pape & Gerrard. Have a pide - NOT the horrible pizza. You could also try Peach Garden or Collegiate Lunch, both on the north side of Gerrard east of Gerrard Sq. I haven't been to either one, though. Tropical Joe's in the food court is another possibility if that isn't TOO quick.

    1. There is Mi Mi's for Vietnamese food.
      Hanoi 3 as well but they are further west. Hanoi 3 is worth the extra 5 minute walk.
      Batifole may not be quick enough for you but for solid French food you can't go wrong.
      Simon's Wok is chinese vegetarian

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        All okay choices as well, but not that close to Gerrard Sq. If you are up to a bit more distance, you could also try 786 Halal or Lahore Tikka in Little India.

      2. Depending on what you call quick, Batifole may fit your bill. Casual French in a local setting.