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Apr 29, 2009 08:30 AM


I would like to serve crabcakes for a family gathering of 8 people, so I estimate 16 cakes. To save time does anyone have a rec for premade cakes that I can broil at home? Willing to make my own if turns out to be a cost savings. So I guess that I would need find a place that sells 3 lbs backfin (MD, NC, or Gulf), any recs? Looking around DC, MoCo, HoCo, AA, or Southern Baltimore.


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    They are local watermen from Crisfield, Md who when times go tough opened online.

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      Faidley's (Lexington Market) will make them for you, if you don't want to do it. Don't know the prices. For a decent sized crab cake (fried), and depending on the sides, I would not necessarily assume 2 per person.

    2. Make your own....use the recipe on the side of a container of Old Bay. They will turn out better than any that you can purchase.

      Make sure you use Jumbo Lump or Lump crab meat or else they may turn out "fishy" tasting.

      Trust me on this one!

        1. Thompson's Seafood Corner in Mechanicsville, 301-884-5251 - not in the area you're looking around, but I wanted to put it here for others that may find this thread.

          1. Chris Marketplace at some of the area farmers markets has delicious prepared ones. All you need is to cook them.