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Apr 29, 2009 08:21 AM

Review: Apiary at EV

We had a very good dinner at Apiary last Monday. The Tuscan Bean soup and the Endive/Pear Salad were both good starters; while my entrée of Confit Leg of Duck worked very well with its lentil base. I really liked the bold, somewhat rustic, flavors that were worked into the dishes.

Our desserts were pretty good, too. The Panna Cotta was light, creamy and delicious; while the Financier was well-executed and simply excellent.

The $35 3-course prix-fixe is a terrific value, plus it was BYOB night as well.

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  1. I must concur with your positive feelings about Apiary. We've been there a few times (never on a Monday, darn it!) and have found the food - and the value - to be way up there. Two of the dishes you mention have made our list of favorites: the duck confit and the financier with brandied cherries. It's hard not to order that dessert!

    1. Thanks for the review! We have a Monday night reservation coming up (and invited friends to join us), so I'm glad to hear positive feedback.

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        If you are bringing wines, they are byob-friendly. I brought a red and the maitre'd checked the bottle and asked me if I'm fine with it's present temperature ... apparently, they'd cool it down if it's too warm. I also see them putting BYOB'd white wines in ice buckets.

        Appropriate stems are provided.

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          Good to hear they're amenable to the BYOB option, as we are indeed planning to exercise it! Will report back after our visit.

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              Still BYO no corkage on Mondays. Says so right on the homepage.


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                We went back a couple of weeks ago, but not on a BYOB Monday. Yes, still BYOB onMonday nights. I had a good, juicy, tnder roast chiken dish and the Tuscan soup (again).

          1. Went to Apiary last night very much hoping to like it as I had heard a lot about it and it's in our nabe. Meal began auspiciously enough -- had the octopus to start. Really tender and delicious. But the entrees -- well, someone in the kitchen has a very heavy hand with the salt. The skate i had would have been absolutely delicious, but was a little too salty. But my husband's haddock (one of that night's specials) was awful -- practically tasted like it had been brined beforehand it was so salty. I found it virtually inedible. My husband has no interest in going back to Apiary. I'm still willing to give it a second try, but am not rushing back.

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              We had our first and last dinner at Apiary tonight. Yes, it is Monday and we could BYO, but it wasn't worth it. The food was OK at best, heavy on the salt, as bustapoo just posted. The skate could have been fabulous but too salty. The arugula salad was very fine. My husband had the special, haddock, which was very good but the accompaniment was simply overseasoned and over-salted.

              The noise level was simply intolerable. Do not go if you want to hear your partner's conversation. Overall, just eh. Definitely will skip returning.

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                We went last night, and brought 4 bottles of serious wine for 6 people. The food rose to the occasion. AN EXCELLENT meal, and a welcome addition to the nabe. Glad Chef Bryann is back in NYC. We will be back, a lot.