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Apr 29, 2009 08:04 AM

Bianchini's in San Carlos opens today (4/29)!

After a month without a market since Foodville closed, downtown San Carlos has a market again. This should be a good one too. They say they're keeping what was great about Foodville (real butchers, local produce, quality ingredients other markets don't carry) but Bianchini's will be much bigger. Not sure when they'll have wine, beer, and spirits though. They mention a hold up on the liqour license online.

The store is on Laurel across from the post office.

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  1. Update: they did get their liqour license and look fully stocked.

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    1. re: Shane Greenwood

      Thanks for the update. We'll definitely check it out this afternoon !

      Bianchini's Market
      810 Laurel Street, San Carlos, CA

    2. Thumbs up on the new store. They have a lot of prepared foods to grab and go, some are quite tasty and healthy. Also, I really appreciate that they label which produce is local. The butcher counter has all of the usual stuff you'd expect to find. They don't carry the Rosie's chicken like Foodville did, they have the Mary's instead. It seems to be priced somewhere in the middle, not as expensive as Draegers and a little pricier than Trader Joes down the road.

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      1. re: Shane Greenwood

        Love the store. A great local alternative to WF in San Mateo. Very enthusiastic people at the meat counter, and tons of fresh organic produce - fairly priced. I'd strongly encourage 'hounds in the area to visit. I bought 2 lbs of fantastic organic heirloom tomatoes (albeit from Mexico) at $3.99/lb which is cheaper than the San Mateo Farmers Market !