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Apr 29, 2009 07:51 AM

Restaurants near or around AGO


My mother is coming in from out of town for Mother's Day and wants to visit the AGO. Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant nearby for lunch? Mom's not fussy but she prefers simple comfort food and I think FRANK will be too much for her.


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  1. Art square is across the street if you like crepes? Or maybe Peter Pan on Queen Street? Oh, and there's a little French restaurant on McCaul if you're walking north towards Baldwin (lots more dining options on Baldwin too).

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      I think you're referring to Midi Bistro? I was going to suggest Baldwin - there's a little bit of everything there, ranging from uber-casual to fairly nice, and Mom can browse menus from the street and take her pick.

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        Midi Bistro has a very nice French Brasserie feel.
        It is less than a five minute walk from AGO

        1. re: erly

          ...and apparently lots of mussels now.

          I've been meaning to go there for ages, and might have to see if they do a decent moules frites.

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            Had the moules frites last week for lunch.
            For Jac, they have basics on the lunch menu as well.
            Their food is quite good, but could use a bit more seasoning.

    2. My personal top recommendation would be Queen Mother on Queen at McCaul. I have been a long time patron of them and they are consistent in both service and food. At night they could be a bit noisy, busy, and crowded for some mothers; but, at mid-day they are usually much calmer and not all that busy.

      Another thought is how is your mother on cheep and cheerful Chinese food? I've taken mine to Mother's Dumplings and Chinese Trad. Buns to much success and they're both close by. There are lots more options in Chinatown too. Our family is just about as WASP as you can get, and I think we all find dumplings to be just about the ultimate in comfort food.

      1. I'd recommend La Bodega on Baldwin at Beverley -- just a few (3) blocks away. Nice brunch and atmosphere. Think it doesn't open until 12 noon on Sundays.

        According to the Midi Bistro website, it is not open on Sundays at all. Lunch Monday to Friday.

        1. The British style pub (name escapes me) almost across the street (opposite the big Lutheran Church) isn't bad, good lunch sandwich selection, yummy frites, and fantastic draught selection.

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            You'd be talking about Saints And Sinners, on McCaul just north of Dundas(it's actually across from St Patrick's Catholic Church)? There's also The Villiage Idiot, right at the corner, but it's tiny and crowded.