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Apr 29, 2009 07:35 AM

KitchenAid vs Cuisinart Food Processeor?

Or "pood frosessors" as I said when small.

Which is the bettery buy, the better machine. I want one to chop, shred, mix, blend, make pastry dough and so on. A workhorse that won't crap out on me.

Opinion seems somewhat divided.

My husband at first said "Why not a Robot Coupe" (his bachelor to soon not be buddy has one) but then made choking noises when I showed him the price.

So, forget Robot Coupe- I'm happy with the "lesser" machines.

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  1. I have a 14 cup Cuisinart and haven't had any issues and only occaisionally find it too small. I found most of the blades and accessories at less than retail. I only wish I had a second bowl. I did buy a second lid without the tube so it could be stored on the counter under the cabinets. I store the cover with the feed tube and only use it when I am slicing or shredding. The flat lid is great for just processing.

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      1. Had both. Both of them are workhorses that won't let you down. Kitchenaid has a better reputation for customer service. Haven't tried them yet. From personal experience, Cuisinart has very nice but clueless customer service.

        1. I got the KA 12 cup food processor for Christmas this year. It's pretty powerful and the blades are super sharp. I like that it comes with a mini chopper bowl for when you're dealing with smaller quantities. So far I've used it for chopping, shredding, slicing and it's been excellent.

          1. I do all my research on line and contact manufacturers/retail outlets for additional info. I settled on the rather pricey Cuisinart DLC XP from foodprocessors direct (now out of stock) and purchased a completer set of discs from Abes of Maine. I considered the magimix and KA with multiple bowls but ruled them out. I was replacing our old Cuisinart KPF 5A . Wanting a larger unit, the DLC XP at 20 cups filled the bill nicely as we can make smaller quantities in the larger unit but not vice versa. And we still have the older original model for back up on small quantities as needed. Regarding customer service, I have never had any problems with Cuisinart; it all depends upon approach and not abusing the equipment. As far as what to buy, It pretty much boils down to what your needs are, what you are comfortable with, and your budget.