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Apr 29, 2009 07:16 AM

casual dining near Vanderbilt U

we will be visiting the Vanderbilt campus this summer and are looking for casual/fun/college-y dining spots near campus. any suggestions?

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  1. Vanderbilt is in an area rich with dining options -- not just because of the university, but that's a fairly hoppin' part of town, generally. So, where you might want to go will depend a lot on type of food and price points you're interested in. Here are some of my favs, but there are many, many more.

    Hillsboro Village, just south of campus, probably has the highest concentration of what you're interested in.

    Fido - coffee shop with food, breakfast, lunch and dinner. funky
    Provence - French bakery, takeout, breakfast & lunch. pleasant, grown-up
    Jackson's - basic apps, sandwiches, entrees, drinks. funky
    Bosco's - regional brewpub
    Sam's - sports bar
    Pancake Pantry - Nashville institution
    Sunset Grill - upscale, but reasonable lunch
    Cabana - upscale, urban bar scene and noveau southern food

    Elliston Place
    Rotiers - Nashville institution, a favorite of Jane and Michael Stern, classic college dive burger joint. It is rumored that Jimmy Buffett wrote "Cheeseburger in Paradise" about a Rotiers burger
    Calypso Cafe - Carribean-style basic inexpensive eats
    Elliston Place Soda Shop - another institution; classic meat-and-three diner

    South Street - Cajun-influenced (but not truly Cajun) joint -- oysters, beer, burgers, po boys, etc.

    If you want more upscale recommendations -- and there are plenty -- holla.

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      Fido, Rotiers, Elliston Place, and Pancake Pantry are must-visits, IMHO!!!

    2. I love Rotier's for sentimental reasons, but I find their burger to be overrated. However, it did just get named the best burger in Tennessee by the Food Network:

      If you do go to Rotier's, be sure to order a milkshake (even though it's not on the menu).

      I think that Pancake Pantry is a must-eat for breakfast.

      Other college-y points of interest in the Vandy area:

      -Pizza Perfect (Hillsboro Village
      )-Sportsmans Grill (Hillsboro Village)
      -South Street (Midtown)
      -Samurai Sushi (Elliston Place)
      -Ted's Montana Grill (West End)
      -Which Wich (West End)

      And I'll throw in one random, slightly nicer place:

      -Bricktop's (West End)

      1. In addition to the other suggestions, try Bombay Palace on West End.