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Apr 29, 2009 06:54 AM

Mystery Jerk Sauce

Hi there.

I recently had breakfast at the Old York pub (Niagara and Wellington near Liberty Village) and they had a great jerk sauce to accompany standard bacon and eggs. Does anyone know what brand this is or if it can be purchased anywhere? It was a great idea and I'd like to find a good jerk sauce for my eggs ...


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    1. re: paulabear

      they call it jerk sauce, but it's essentially a hot sauce. it's green in colour.

      1. re: figgycrave

        My husband loves that sauce and brought some home for me to try. It is a very different sauce isn't it? It is definitely not salsa verde nor does it resemble any other vinegar, tobasco-type hot sauce I have tried. I assumed they make it themselves because they put it in Heinz bottles right?

    2. of course I'd take recommendations for any sauce for eggs.

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      1. re: figgycrave

        a couple of selections i would sugest would be 1) tabasco green jalapeno sauce, a milder tabasco that always goes good on eggs, or 2) cholula brand hat sauces are excelent with eggs as well, you may need to look around kensington market for this brand.

        1. re: figgycrave

          Goya makes a couple of really good, varietal hot sauces that are not all that hot and awesome for things like this. My favorite is the ancho - you can get them at Perola, or at some grocery stores that have a decent Latin American section. They generally contain some cinnamon and other spices...the same places that have Cholula will generally have the Goya sauces.

          1. re: Wahooty

            I like Cholula on my eggs too. In addtition to Perola's, you can get it at the SLM at The Instant Caterer and at least the smaller bottle at The Lively Life.

            I personally don't care for Goya's sweetness. I prefer the San Marcos line also available at Perola's.

        2. Could it have been Mexican salsa verde? Have you tried asking the restaurant what it is?

          1. It definitely isn't a latin american hot sauce, though I appreciate the suggestions people have made. I'm pretty sure they refer to it as a jerk sauce. I once tried to dissect its ingredients, but it's been so long now ...

            The restaurant is at King/Bathurst and I live on the Danforth now. If I'm ever back there, I will ask. Brunch just hasn't been the same.

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            1. re: figgycrave

              Maybe it was "Green Seasoning" which is a Trinidadian type of sauce. I bought a bottle made by "Geeta" (not the more well known "Geeta's" brand ) at a place on Pape that is no longer around. I've attached a picture of a green sauce from another company.

              1. re: foodyDudey

                Okay ... so I took a little trip out to Dufferin/Eglinton to look for "Green Seasoning" and found the Geeta brand. It was pretty darn good on eggs! I do think that it is quite possible that the mystery jerk sauce is indeed a green seasoning ... probably homemade though since the colour is quite dark and natural looking.

                1. re: figgycrave

                  I think the sauces in the picture I posted look better than the Geeta version, which has a much brighter "fresh cut grass" green colour to it. I'm going to look for the type I see in the picture.

                  Before I posted on May 1, I tried to find a store that sold green seasoning. I found this store that you may want to visit:

                  Here are the Geeta products:

                  1. re: foodyDudey

                    I went to Sugar and Spice on Eglinton. They had Geeta brand (fresh cut grass - exactly!) and Carribean Corner.

                    Here's a map:

            2. Jerk sauce is brown, not green.