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Apr 29, 2009 06:51 AM

Dallas recommendations?

I'll be in Dallas next month (staying at Hotel ZaZa) for a weekend visit. Looking for Chowhound recommendations re:

* Dinner in Dallas: heard good things about Stephen Pyle, Craft and Fearings. Any comments or preferences?

* Lunch in Ft. Worth: going to the Museum of Modern Art and the Kimball. Any bbq places I shouldn't miss?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. for Dinner in Dallas I would go with Lola. The Dragonfly in the ZaZa is also very good.

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      1. For Ft. Worth:

        I haven't been, but have heard good (and bad) about Tim Love's Lonesome Dove in the Stockyards (FW) which in and of itself is a fairly unique walk-around place (shops, museums, rodeo). You could do add'l searches on either:


        1. Ask anyone on Chowhound and they will agree that Stephen Pyles has the best cutting edge food in Dallas. Fearings is yesterday and Craft is a chain.

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          1. re: OCNC

            Errrr. Well, I have been to Pyle's and have given him an honest positive and negative, but overall a great thumbs up. But to call our boy Dean Fearing out is simply wrong. I know the place is way over the top high dollar, but there is simply nothing any one can say that is not positive about Fearings having actually been there.

            I have taken clients to Fearing's, and have nothing but positive and happy responses. The place served it purpose... it closed the deal. I made my clients so freaking happy they couldn't help but sign what I had placed before them. And if anyone expects something more magnanimous for lunch than a smiling and satisfied client and a signed contract, then you are dillusional.

            The fact of the matter is that Dean Fearing has busted his chops at that silly Mansion shilling lobster tacos, meanwhile this CIA chef has proffered for the Queen and many heads of state and is universally known as the the father of Southwestern Cuisine (a title I would choke slowly with Penfolds Bin 95 Grange Shiraz 1996, lol).

            Why do we toss aside our local and wonderful chefs so blatantly. People like Fearing should be considered a local treasure. I could add several to this list if it were relevant. This man has more class and dignity than I could ever hope to achieve.

            1. re: OCNC

              Craft may be a chain... but I wouldn't dis them. Both times I've eaten there everything was perfectly executed. Relatively simple dishes, but delicious and expertly prepared. And once was during restaurant week, when most other restaurants (probably out of necessity) seem to fall flat.

              Having said that, I'd encourage a visitor to hit Pyles or Fearings instead, because they are more unique to Dallas.

            2. The best restaurants in Dallas are local neighborhood places with excellent food and service; they don't get much publicity, but they are worth the trip.
              Have lived in Dallas for a long time, and these are the places I frequent;
              1. Cafe San Miguel, on Henderson, authentic Mexican food
              2. Salum, personal service, chef owned
              3. Lola, best deal in town, great food and wine, nice atmosphere
              4. Sevy's, local club/restaurant flavor, and creative menu
              5. Of course, Abacus, the best restaurant in Dallas.
              I would avoid Dragon Fly, the bar is ok, but the restaurant is awful, taking advantage of the out of towners, with poor food, and even worse service.