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Apr 29, 2009 06:03 AM

Any Ideas for Fun Restaurant for 27th Birthday Party


I'm looking for a fun restaurant to go to in DC or Bethesda/Silver Spring/Rockville with Japanese, Mediterranean, or Indian food for a 27th birthday party on Saturday night. Around 8 people will be coming. Any ideas would be appreciated! Last year, we went to Jaleo and had a great time.


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  1. Well, it depends on your idea of what fun is...I'm guessing you don't mean any place with Skee-ball and arcade machines in the background... I will be turning 27 in Septmeber, and I would like to go to either:

    Oya- Asian and French fusion cuisine, great sushi and the restaurant is very interesting looking, go to the website, and you'll see that the restaurant is not afraid of contrasting colors or textures. It is a little on the pricey side, and more "chic' than 'fun' but I always have a good time going with my girlfriends. If you like to eat late and stay and chill, they do offer a late night menu with sushi, and pretty decent house drinks.

    Zaytinya- I love this restaurant, it is Mediterranian, Middle Eastern and Lebanese cuisine all in one. Again very cool restaurant, nice little spots for groups of your size. Again, more chic than fun, but I always have a great time. Same price range. They have a large selection of what I call mezze-sized dishes. I usually order 4 or 5 and split with a couple of people, but I believe they have regular-size entrees as well. Zaytinya's does have a good number of non-meat dishes if anyone in your group is a vegetarian. They are wonderful even if you are a meat eater. :)

    Both of these restaurants are in DC, in fairly close proximity to each other. I suggest going on their websites, and checking out menus and venue pictures. Hope this helps.

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    1. re: tifferbe_2000

      Thanks for your suggestions! I guess fun for me would be either family style or lots of little dishes that can be shared with good music in the background. Do you know of any Japanese places the serve giant plates of sushi that everyone can try?

      1. re: RainLaurel

        You can go to most sushi restaurants and just do a big order and it will come out and everyone can share it. I am sure Sei and Asia Nine the plus with Sei is they also have some small plates you could share too.

        They might bring it out in waves as they fill a plate, but it is normally a pretty large platter that they will bring out, enough for sharing.

    2. One more thing. I just realized, that if you like Jaleo, than Zaytinya's might be perfect for you because:

      A) Jose Andres helped design the menu, and of course Jaleo is Andres' restaurant.
      B) in the same style of Jaleo, Mezze dishes are the middle eastern equivilent to tapas dishes, only a little more complex.

      1. For Indian you could check out Rasika. It gets loud, but is hip and the food is excellent.

        For Japanese you might look at Sei, Oya is a good choice for fish, it isn't Japanese or Mediterranean.

        For Mediterranean, I agree on Zaytinya, also you might check out Cafe Milano in Georgetown.

        For Asian, Mexican fusion I really like Zengo, their sushi, mojitos, fish tacos and other things are quite good.

        1. Asia Nine is pretty hip, and then you can go to CoCo Sala for dessert.

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          1. re: nickdanger

            Cava in Rockville or DC (that location is about a week old.) Great Greek food in a fun atmosphere.

            1. re: nickdanger

              I definitely agree with CoCo Sala for dessert...its the closest thing the world has to Chocolate heaven.

              1. re: tifferbe_2000

                There are also a lot of negative reviews about this place, so do some googling and look at Yelp.

                1. re: Jacey

                  Negative reviews about which place? CoCo Sala?

                  If you are going for dessert and drinks I think CoCo Sala is great!! It definitly has a clubby, trendy, Sex and the City vibe to it, but that could be fun for a birthday. Everyone I know that has gone has loved it, including myself. My only complaint was that my stomach was too small and after 2 small plates, a drink, and the dessert tasting menu I felt like I had to be rolled out of there---but in a good way :)

            2. I think at this point it's about getting a reservation or getting a seat at some of these places. You should check out SEI in Chinatown. I think you and your friends would have a good time. Another place that could be fun for a 27th birthday party would be Bistro du Coin, Tabaq Bistro, Policy, Perry's, Bodega or you might like Hudson's.

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              1. re: Jacey


                Thanks for your suggestions! Would you have any ideas of places to go in Friendship Heights, Rockville, Silver Spring, or Bethesda?


                1. re: RainLaurel

                  I'm not sure it's "fun', but I always had a good time at Lia's in FH with my girlfriends. The food is great, but I think the outside area might be lacking with all the construction.

                  There are more places in Bethesda then Friendship Heights

                  1. re: Jeserf

                    Any thoughts on Bacchus of Lebanon for a birthday party?

                    1. re: RainLaurel

                      Not from me! never heard of it...sorry!

                      1. re: RainLaurel

                        Bacchus is my favorite middle eastern restaurant in the DC area. It offers more variety of seafood than other middle eastern restaurants, which reminds me of my trip to Casablanca.. The fried smelt is fabulous. The decor is also quite nice so I think it's suitable for a birthday party.

                    2. re: RainLaurel

                      In Bethesda, there's Lavante's, Raku, Jaleo which could all be good for a birthday. They aren't "trendy," but all pretty good food and reasonable. You might also like Redwoods in Bethesda.

                      1. re: Jacey


                        Thanks for the restaurant suggestions! Do you know anything about Bacchus of Lebanon? Would you recommend it for a party?


                        1. re: RainLaurel

                          I had a wonderful meal there last summer -- they have great outdoor seating. I can't imagine 8 people couldn't have fun there, but it all depends on what kind of party you want to have.

                      2. re: RainLaurel

                        Sushi Damo: Rockville Town Center... a little pricey but great sushi in a nice atmosphere. call ahead

                        Tako Grill: Sushi/Japanese in Bethesda, excellent and less expensive
                        Jaleo: Bethesda, tapas, always fun, get 3.5 dishes per person and share
                        Cava: also tapas in Travillah Gateway
                        Sol de Espana: Rockville, great spanish cuisine, paella, fishes, zarzuella de mariscos costa brava.
                        any of the above are good!