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Apr 29, 2009 05:19 AM

Recommendations for Palm Springs restaurant week?

I'll be visiting Palm Springs with some friends during restaurant week, but don't know anything about most of the restaurants. Anyone have any recommendations? Here is the link of participating restaurants:

I'm open to restaurants not on the list as well.


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  1. The Falls in Palm Springs does decent steaks and martinis.
    The Parker Palm Springs was fun for drinks. Haven't tried the food.
    If you go off this list, consider Riccio's in Palm Springs for Italian (old school Rat Pack vibe, but beware -- pricey) and the over-the-top Wally's Desert Turtle in Rancho Mirage (again, bring your wallet...Wally's is also expensive, but you can't beat the service, the classic desert crowd and the food, if not inventive, is always great.

    1. I just looked at the actual Palm Springs Restaurant Week website and there are a lot more restaurants listed for restaurant week than just the ones on Open Table. Copley's is great, good vibe, outdoor seating (might be too hot in May for that though!); Le Vallauris is really nice. The Falls has amazing martini's. Wang's is fun; Johnny Costa's was really good. Here is where i found the list:
      a lot of the restaurants don't have menu's up, but you can still see who is going to be participating.

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        ah, based on that better list, I'd second Wangs, and add Melvyn's (food not so great, but great atmosphere) and Le Valauris

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          Thanks for the link. We'll be there the weekend of June 13th, and sadly none of those except The Falls seem to be participating the second week. Someplace with a nice ambiance that can accommodate a large group (about a dozen of us) would be preferable, and we'd like to avoid chains if possible. Thanks for your input!