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Apr 29, 2009 04:54 AM

East Ave. Cafe Providence RI

Hi all: Searched a bit and didn't see a post about this place more recent than 2006. Anyone been there recently? How was it? Thanks!

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  1. now called doherty's east ave cafe. from what i gather it's been really busy. they now have like 170 beers, 40 someodd on tap, it's pretty neat. last time i was there the bar was packed. we had steak tips (still awesome) and steamed mussells (fine). aside from fish & chips i was never too impressed with the food, it is what it is. sucks: they no longer serve stuffies, which with all that beer i think is insane. they did add some interesting and tasty (albeit a tad spendy) sandwiches, and some irish-ish entrees. staff is still great, still a great place to watch the game.

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    1. re: sarabean

      So someone health concious who cannot eat fried food might be able to find something on the sandwich menu?

      1. re: eenie1

        sure, but what i'm saying is that (in the past) the unhealthy stuff is what they do best. i think the menu is more diverse now, i just haven't looked at it from that perspective before!

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        for people really into beer its only so-so. the one time i was there, all their interesting beers were bottles, the taps were pretty run-of-the-mill. julians or track 84 are better bets if beer is the motivating factor. no idea about the food.

          1. re: invinotheresverde

            Track 84 is a really unique bar in Warwick, RI, near TF Green, next to the train tracks. It's a no frills, neighborhood bar with a terrific, reasonably-priced and diverse lineup of craft beers on tap and in bottles. Not to mention free peanuts (shells on the floor) and one their bartenders is one of the best I've come across. Always happy to provide tastes as well, which encourages experimentation. I've heard the less-adventurous call it a dive bar, but it's just a plain unpretentious bar with great beer to my mind. Check

            I will also admit that upon checking the link FjmArch posted below, the draught list was MUCH better than the last time I was at East Ave. It still leans a little heavily toward boring, big sellers, but it's improved.

            1. re: celeriac

              Based on this rec my husband and I tried out Track 84 last week, and could not have been happier. (Delirium Tremens on tap. Need I say more?) We can't wait to go back and try out the sandwiches. We loved the little porch, the darts, and the jukebox as well. A great find, thanks!!

          2. re: celeriac

            hmm, agreed. i can't stand the obsession with newport storm (ugh) and also, a lot of the interesting bottled beers are 22oz bottles that are pricey, if no one wants to share it's frustrating.

        1. Anyone care to clue me on on where it's located? Like, what city?

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              Find all you need to know right here
              They have a great selection of beers bottle and draft.

          1. We were there two weeks ago, while visiting Yankee Spirits. Fish & Chips was great. Had a draft ale(Arrogant Bastard). Creamy, delicious Porter-style. How crowded does it get before a PawSox game?