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Apr 29, 2009 04:07 AM

Dim sum: Royal China or Dragon Castle?

Planning on dim sum for lunch this Sunday and was wondering which was better - Royal China (in Canary Wharf NOT the other one!) or Dragon Castle?

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  1. of those 2 choices, dragon castle.

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    1. re: batfink23

      Is it necessary to ask for the 'other' menu at Dragon Castle or is there plenty on the main menu? Is there anything in particular we should be trying? (sorry for all the questions)

      1. re: batfink23

        What about of all the choices in London, out of interest?

        1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

          They are pretty convenient to where I live and have been meaning to try both for a while. Where else would you recommend above these?

          1. re: pj26

            Sorry about that, I was asking batfink the same question!

      2. no longer rate dragon castle. It's more expensive than it used to be, and while that alone is forgivable, the apparently according drop in quality is not. If two such distant locations are on option (docklands/elephant) then is anywhere fair game? Given free choice I'd return to Ba Shan, or give the rated Pearl Liang a shot. Seriously, going on my last yum cha session at Dragon Castle, there wouldn't be much difference in cost.

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        1. re: skut

          That's disappointing to hear Dragon Castle has dropped in quality - in that case might head to Pearl Liang. I was just being lazy when saying I didnt want to travel too far - and bank holiday London Underground will probably make the journey a nightmare. Thanks for the recommendation

          1. re: pj26

            No probs, hope it hits the spot. As an elephant & castle native I'm loathe to say this, but probably will have to head up the Bakerloo line myself next time I get an itching for dumpling.

        2. had really good dimsum at Phoenix Palace near baker street the other day... really recommended.

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          1. re: foreignmuck

            FM, do you have any specific recs for Phoenix Palace?

            2 places I've enjoyed recently and haven't seen featured on this board thus far are Yum Cha in Chalk Farm ( and Princess Garden of Mayfair ( At the former, I recommend the moreish mandarin spare ribs and the mixed vegetable cheung fun. 25% off at lunchtimes and 50% off Monday and Tuesday evenings, I eat there for under £10 per head. At the latter, the Peking ravioli with chilli sauce was outstanding, the ho fun with beef in XO sauce pretty good and the pan fried turnip cakes disappointing, I need to try more items to get a better sense.