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Apr 29, 2009 04:01 AM

Best of Barcelona Food 2009

We have four lunchs and four dinners in Barcelona in early June. Love the famous Paella place on the beach near Hotel Arts.....Where are places NOT to miss, and what are your recommendations for LOCAL ONLY restaurants (no tourist traps please). Thanks

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Can Majo still rules the Palella scene!! El Quim in the Boqueria for baby calamari with eggs...YUMMO.....

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        1. re: sockster

          Any other recs from your trip? We are flying in from NJ for a week and need some good chow.

          1. re: seal

            Are you staying near the hotel arts? Get off at metro stop Juame (spelling might be wrong, but stop name is NOT). Go around 10, 10:30 and just wander around. You'll see crowds of people and just amble in to crowded places to enjoy the tapas. Cheap and amazing. Con Gracia for great seafood, paella and the like, but make a reservation. In the Boqueria, don't miss lunch at El QUIM. You have to wait for a seat at the bar, but just go with the flow. Beer is ice cold and the food is amazing. Try the baby octopus with scrambled eggs. Sounds bad...tastes GREAT!!! HAve a wonderful time!!

            1. re: sockster

              Tyvm. We're really looking forward to our trip. The only place nearby in NJ that may be close to the food in Barcelona is a place called AMA that we will be having a chowhound gathering at later this summer.

              I'll report back in early August with our trip info.

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                you're kidding right? See my posts regarding Ama. Amazing!@!

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                  I just read your old posts, Lol - too funny. When were you in NJ? Actually, in keeping with the rules of the boards here, check my post about our Hound Gathering on the Mid Atlantic board and email me if you like.

                  1. re: seal

                    Highly recommend trying Cerveceria Catalana, Cal Pep & Inopia.
                    Others which were recommended to me but that I didn't have time for were: Comerc 24, Paco Meralgo.

                    1. re: trinyc

                      Stopping at Barcelona on a mediterranean cruise - do these place have English on the menus?

                      1. re: Teep

                        Some do, but in my opinion, the ones that do tend to be less authentic. Try sitting at the tapas bar, point out what you like and most people tend to be speak English. Neither of us are fluent in Spanish and had no problems.

                        1. re: Teep

                          Some tapas places will have a menu, especially ones with sit down tables such as Cerveceria Catalana (abbreviated in English), PacoMeralgo (full English) Taller de Tapas (food is OK but fun and comfortable). Many will just have a written blackboard only in Catalan.
                          The pinxto places (Basque style tapas) do not have menus, except those that caters to tourist which will have a placemat with pictures. Ask for a plate, order your drinks and just pick and choose whatever are on display. Periodically, there will be platters of hot items from the kitchen. The cost will be determine on how many items that you've consumed. When you are ready to pay, the waiter will count the number of toothpicks, skewers, mussel shells, etc on your plate, therefore, do not throw any away. When in doubt, just point and ask. Somehow, the language barrier is not a problem.

          2. What's the name of the famous paella place on the beach near Hotel Arts?

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            1. re: Jenny15X

              The two "famous" restaurants near the waterfront that specialize in paella are 7Portes and Can Majo.

              1. re: PBSF

                Can Majo is amazing...make a reservation before you leave...the octopus appy with potatos is phenominal. Make sure you ask for "crispy bottom" paella. HEAVEN!!!

                1. re: sockster

                  i'm so bummed I blanked on Con Majo...and instead went to El Rey del Gamba out of sheer hunger :(

            2. I use to live in barcelona, and am new to this forum, so take with a grain of salt. One of my favourite lunch destinations was Conesa at Jaume station , also El Xampanyet - buy 2 entrepans and get a bottle of cava for free...