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Apr 29, 2009 03:03 AM

coming to town

hi I have been to new orleans a several times. Am planning a trip down in august will be staying in the quarter with no car so we need to know some of the better places to go. we will being going to a few of the nicer restraunts while we are there but are mostly looking for a casual experience. My sister and I come every year however this year we are bringing her best frind who has never been. Also on last years trip we were so dissapointed with the food grant it yes we went to the touristy places. Hoping to avoid that this go round so any and all help most welcome :)

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  1. I don't want to seize on one minor aspect of this inquiry to the exclusion of the rest, but I do want to suggest that New Orleans is a fairly easy city to get around -- at least with respect to common Chowhound-recommended restaurants.

    Not everyone has the same appetite for walking and for public transit as I do -- I live in NYC and even take the public bus from MSY airport -- but the streetcars and the Magazine Street bus provide entree to many other destinations. (To say nothing of taxis, although I certainly realize the fares can add up quickly.)

    For example, you could take the #11 bus from Magazine just west of Canal to Casamento's for oysters and then get a great roast beef po'boy and/or other dishes at Ignatius for a relatively inexpensive dinner. Lilette, Bistro Daisy, Petite Grocery are all well-regarded bistros along this route as well.

    The St. Charles Streetcar provides access to Brigtsen's, Dante's Kitchen, Camellia Grill, Jacque-Imo's and others in Riverbend/Carrollton. All are within a couple of blocks of a streetcar stop. Emeril's Delmonico looks onto St. Charles Ave. much closer to downtown.

    The French Quarter, Warehouse District, and Frenchmen Street are all walkable, of course. I can't imagine that it's unsafe to walk along Magazine Street or to walk a few blocks off St. Charles or, after the bend, Carrollton -- please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I guess my point in summary is, there are a lot of detailed recommendations and discussion on this board. Pick the restaurants you think you want to go to, and you might be surprised how easily you can get there.

    Bus and streetcar info:

    1. How many meals are you wanting suggestions for? How many breakfasts, lunches and dinners?

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        We will be there for three days two nights so one really nice dinner in an upscale restraunt. We will be staying at the delphine so we will be in the heart of the quarter and they offer breakfast that I must say for a free breakfast that comes with the room is fab! lots of fresh fruits and the like. Of course we will do one breakfast at cafe du mond because well it has become tradition for us. so one nice place for a dinner and then lets see one casual dinner and three casual lunches. I think that covers it thanks everyone for the help

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          If you flip lunch and dinner, you can dine in many of our better rest. for not much more than you'd pay at a casual one. Many fine dining establishments offer lunch specials. Casual rest. are generally priced the same all day. For starters, check lunches at MiLa, Cuvee, Emeril's Commander's.

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            To keep folk from making recommendations of "their" favs, or what "they" think would be great, can you list a few of the restaurants where you have dined? Also, please let us all know which ones you loved, and which ones you did not. That helps alot. Otherwise, you'll get a list of the top-100, only to find out that you've been there already, or that you do not enjoy that type of restaurant.

            Within the criteria of "really nice dinner," I could provide you with a dozen restaurants, but if you've been there, and want something new, they'd all be useless.

            You will definitely have more than you can do in a month, even if you go into "training" now. Just don't want to start listing places that will not work for you.