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Apr 28, 2009 08:03 PM

Anything funky, inventive in Kamloops?

I'm there on a business trip next week. Staying downtown. Bit of a foodie but have had the Keg and Earl's recommended to me. Surely there's more? I'll be dining on my own one night, I think...recos? Thanks all!

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  1. MikalaT:

    I'll be interested in hearing what is recommended because we usually end up in Ric's Grill which is part of I think the Sheraton 4-Points hotel on the road into town from the Coquihalla-Merritt end during our annual return trip from Vancouver Island... a little better than the Keg or Earl's suggestions but just barely.....

    I have had a place whose name currently escapes me, Brown Door or something to that effect downtown recommended but we have usually been too tired after a long day of driving to bother looking too much or go back to the tried and true.

    1. MikalaT,
      Perhaps you'd enjoy the Brownstone I've enjoyed the meals that I've had there, though it has been a year since eating there. They are located downtown.
      A long-time favourite of mine is Peter's Pasta, a block or so away from Brownstone. It's very casual, family style, and Peter and his wife make the pasta and sauces fresh from scratch daily. The linguine pesto with chicken is my personal favourite. (My folks think I come to visit Peter's more than I come to visit them.) Perhaps not funky or inventive.
      Also downtown is Sanbiki, a tiny and very good Japanese restaurant. Good, fresh, well cut fish and some interesting choices on the menu.
      The Keg and Earl's, while not inspiring choices, are also very safe choices for good food and service in a town that can be tough on restaurants. I've seen many restaurants start out strong, falter when they can't fill the place daily, and then try to eke by while cheaping out on quality.
      Good luck, and please post any findings!

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        Thanks, it was Brownstone that I was trying to remember....but have yet to try...perhaps this fall...mind you by the time we are on the return leg of our trip we have have usually overspent and overeaten in Tofino and Victoria......

      2. Hopefully this isn't too late for your trip. If you're up for a bit of a drive, the South Thompson Inn & Conference Center, is about 15 minutes East of Kamloops. The property was a horse ranch so lots of open pastures, with the Inn overlooking the river.

        There is a small lounge and a small fine dining room called "madisens". The menu has been different each time we've been through, but has included lobster and brandy bisque, sea bass, orange roughy, various tenderloins, dijon rack of lamb, Moroccan braised lamb shank, duck confit, etc. In Dec., starters were $10 - $14, entrees $30 - $39, and desserts $10. The meal is always a highlight, and the Inn is pet friendly too which helps make it our usual stopover.

        I believe they are the overnight stop for the rail tours, so probably best to make dinner reservations. Plus, if they have your name, your menu is personalized when it is printed.

        1. Sanbiki's in Kamloops has moved around the corner to Lansdowne and expanded both their size and their menu. They have tasting flights of sake and a larger menu. Right across from Thompson Park mall.

          1. Browsing the map I found that there is a New York Fries in the mall food court as you come into Kamloops from the south. Despite the name, this apparently is a Canadian chain, specializing in food courts and movie complexes. For a lunch stop on a camping trip through the area, is this a worth while stop? Or is there a better place to get my once-in-three years poutine fix?

            Once I leave the Vancouver area Kamloops is likely to be the biggest town in two weeks of travel (to Jasper and back).

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            1. re: paulj

              I recommed you avoid New York Fries at all costs. They are present in Mall Food Courts for a reason!. They are not at all representative of real poutine.

              1. re: julies1949

                So what's better? Surely not A&W :) I had some good fries with cheese and gravy at a funky place north of Whistler, but they made no attempt at using sub-par curds.

                But your comment tells me nothing about what's wrong with NYF - the fries, the gravy, the cheese, the 'ambiance'? Plus I'm more interested in something good, not the elusive 'real thing'. The way some people talk, you can't get the real thing outside of Montreal (or is it Quebec City?).

                How about an Indian lunch buffet in Kamloops? Japanese?

                On a previous trip I had some good Korean takeout in Hope.

                Mostly on these camping trips we survive on deli meat ends, but it's nice to try lunch in town if timing works out. In many towns it is easier to find a nice park for a picnic lunch, than to find a promising restaurant or take-out.

                1. re: paulj

                  I'm sure you are not looking for ambience in a mall food court- yes, I got the sarcasm
                  The gravy is a congealed artery clogging mass- not sure if there is actually any meat product at all used to make it.
                  The fries vary from soggy to crisp and burnt.

                  Ther are some more than acceptable reatauranst in Kamloops.
                  Brownstone and Peter's Pasta have already been mentioned.
                  For Greek there is Dorian(downtown) or Mino's ( on the North Shore).
                  Duffy's Pub ( on the hill above Aberdeen Mall)has good traditional pub fare and a great friendly atmosphere.
                  Oya has good sushi.

                  1. re: julies1949

                    I recall following a debate as to whether it was possible to make vegetarian poutine. There was some question whether St Hubert's poutine sauce qualified or not. :)

                    I forgot about Greek. Isn't the some law requiring a Greek Taverna in every BC town?

                    1. re: paulj

                      I think, technically, the law applies to all Western Canadian towns. :-)

                      Julie is right on in her comments - New York Fries franchises are in food courts for a reason - thick, cornstarchy, salty, espresso brown gloop on top of fries that vary from burnt to soggy.

                      Dorian is good for a huge plateful of good food - good calamari, good souvlaki. I'm a fan of their ribs and spaghetti though others aren't.
                      And thanks Julie for reminding me of Duffy's. I havent' been there in a long time but they do have some good pub food.